Easy video creation for educators

Expand your knowledge and learn how to use ScreenPal’s video creation tools for learning. Our expert educators from the Flipped Learning Network show you how easy it is to implement video in your classes.   

  3 videos   |      7 min

Expert educators share valuable tips on how to create videos for learning. Learn how they use video and the ways to engage students.

  2 videos   |      4 min

Get students involved with video! Engage students with video assignments and projects. Learn creative ways to implement it in your own class.

  1 video   |      1:50 min

Quickly share updates and announcements with colleagues, parents, and students.  Learn to communicate more effectively with video.  

   2 videos   |      2:30 min

Build a two-way connection with students.  Drive collaborative thinking with these easy tips on how to provide mentorship and feedback to students. 

   1 video   |      2 min

Capture your lectures so that students can review course materials.  Get expert tips on how to record a lecture and easily share them with students.

  1 video   |      3 min

Teach new skills for professional development. Capture and share new processes and tools with these easy tips on how to create video tutorials.  

   2 videos   |      3 min

Engage students with personalized learning. Learn how to use the Draw and Zoom feature as well as the Chrome extension to engage students.  

   4 videos   |      5 min

Get helpful tips to caption your videos for accessibility, utilize  integrations, creative tips for green screen, and ways to record your presentations.  

Earn a ScreenPal Badge

It’s easy to get certified! Just watch the videos from our expert educators and take the 30-question quiz. Score a passing grade of 80%+ and we’ll send you a badge. It’s that easy!

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Expert advice from teachers

   2 videos   |      3 min

These K-12 educators share their video learning experiences and how they use technology to enhance learning.

   2 videos   |      3 min

Two professors from Colombia share why they use video in their classroom and how effective it is with their students.  (In Spanish)

Easy video guides

7 min

A step-by-step process on how to start using our free screen recorder.

10 min

The video editor has all you need to enhance your videos.  Here’s a quick guide to get started.

Expert EdTech series by Leslie Fisher

Popular how-to guides

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