Release Date

Exciting News

Bug fixes and minor improvements!

This release squashes a lot of bugs! (Thank you for all of your reporting!)

What’s improved:

  • A little finesse to the styling, for instance, in right-clicking to see the Zoom menu.
  • We updated the color palettes in our color picker to reflect the new-and-improved ScreenPal colors. You will see the new, brighter, colors when you add overlay shapes and text. (If you used colors in the older palette, have no fear, they should appear in your recent styles.)

What’s fixed:

  • A bug that added stock audio to an entire project, versus a single story block.
  • Bringing the color back to our visibility icons. (They were grey.)
  • A string of code in our Microsoft Teams error dialogue that didn’t make sense to most humans. Whoops.
  • A fancy ScreenPal icon for our users on Mac launching the screen recorder from the website.
  • When you update the title of a video in the “Quick Share” dialogue, it now updates it in all places.
  • We do a better job asking for permissions on Mac! For some users (on certain versions), ScreenPal didn’t ask permission to record until after you began recording. That wasn’t helpful.
  • A bug that removed multiple audio sections in a storyboard, when users only meant to remove audio from the last section.
  • Better messaging for people using our Zoom Cloud integration! (Zoom often takes time to process cloud recording, particularly for those marathon meetings and lectures!)

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your feedback.

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