Release Date

What’s improved:

  • Your camera style preferences will now be saved! If you make your webcam a circle, for instance, in the video editor, we will remember the setting next time you launch the recorder.
  • We rotated the “import” icon, so it communicates “import” and not “download.”

What’s fixed:

  • The capture area was offset while recording on Mac in 4K with external monitors attached!
  • The timer no longer disappears after 10 minutes of recording in fullscreen mode.
  • A bug that kept reverting “Mirror webcam” changes.
  • Canvas resize controls are behaving better.
  • On Mac, Chinese and Japanese characters are being loaded correctly.
  • An error that occurred when a video had over 1,000 sections in an SRT captions file.
  • A communication issue between Webex Cloud recordings and ScreenPal.
  • ScreenPal has updated to look for the new naming style in Zoom local recordings.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your feedback.

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