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Screenshot Hosting

Managing and sharing screenshot images from your hosting account.

Easily organize your screenshots and images with our hosting platform.  Manage all of your content into folders to easily share with your team.  Control how images get viewed, and include password protection. Just grab a link and share your screenshot.

Other Resources

Overview of the Screenshots Tool

Our screenshot tool allows you to capture, edit, share, and host your screenshots and images.

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The Ultimate Screenshot Guide

It’s everything you need to know about screenshots including how to take a screenshot.

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Screenshot to Videos and Presentations

Learn how to add your screenshot into your video project or slide presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to screenshot on a Mac

    Taking a screenshot on a Mac is easy with ScreenPal. 

    First log in or create an account with ScreenPal. Once you are logged into your hosting account, click on the camera icon to start taking a screenshot.

    screenshot icon

    A detailed article is available in our knowledge base. “How to take a screenshot with ScreenPal‘  

  • How do I edit my screenshot?

    ScreenPal has made it easier for you to edit your screenshots.  

    Once you take a screenshot, you can choose to save, edit, or share your screenshot. Click on ‘Edit’ to start editing your screenshot.

    The Screenshot Image Editor will appear. Simply edit your screenshot by clicking any of the editing tools in the editor.

    You can resize and crop your image, add blurs to hide sensitive information, or use text, arrows, steps, and shapes to provide more visual explanations.  

  • Can I add a screenshot to my video?

    Absolutely! You can add any screenshot to a video project.

    You can overlay the screenshot or image on your video timeline. 

    Here’s a quick video to show you how to get it done.

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