Engage every learner with video

Reach every student with effective, engaging, self-paced learning through teacher-created videos. 

Why educators choose ScreenPal

Bring lessons to life through video. Flip your classroom, engage and assess students, and support deeper learning through student video creation.

Blended instruction

Empower students with teacher-created video instruction for any learning environment. Create videos to personalize instruction and promote student-centered learning.

Student engagement

Boost comprehension and active participation with interactive video content. Foster creativity through student video creation, promoting active engagement.

Formative assessment

Check for understanding and give students real-time feedback with interactive video quizzes. Activate prior knowledge, monitor progress, and improve content mastery.

How educators use ScreenPal

Create engaging instructional videos

Capture and share engaging instructional videos effortlessly with ScreenPal’s screen and webcam recorder, ideal for flipped and blended learning. Enhance and repurpose your content with intuitive video editing tools. Ensure accessibility for all learners with automated speech-to-text captions.


screenpal for education communication

Incorporate formative assessment

Easily add formative assessment to your classroom with interactive video quizzing. Capture student feedback and provide real-time responses. Engage learners with fun video polls and ratings. View individual and class results, adjust grades, and easily export findings. Track learner engagement and understand content mastery using video analytics and heatmaps.


screenpal for education communication

Promote deeper learning through student creation

Capture ideas effortlessly with ScreenPal’s intuitive video recording and editing tools, designed for student content creation. Unleash creativity and promote deeper learning by empowering students as content creators. ScreenPal’s desktop, Chromebook, iOS, and Android apps allow students to create on any device, in any learning environment. ScreenPal is COPPA and FERPA-compliant and protects student data and privacy.


screenpal for education communication

Easily integrate with the tools you are already using

Resources for educators:


professional development

Professional development

Complete self-paced micro-credentials and become a ScreenPal Certified Educator.

professional development

Webinars and events

Explore on-demand training and virtual events to get the most out of ScreenPal in your classroom.



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Why teachers love ScreenPal

Trusted by school districts and universities all over the world

FIT Fashion Institute of Technology uses ScreenPal
Universite Laval uses ScreenPal
Rush University uses ScreenPal
Karlstads University uses ScreenPal
Galen College of Nursing uses ScreenPal

Start engaging your students with video

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