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Record your screen, webcam, or both. Add audio.

Create engaging, high-quality videos with our video editor.

Capture any part of your screen, edit and annotate, then share.

Save time and boost creativity with our video story builder.

Edit screenshots and customize with effects to create the perfect image.

Manage and share videos and images with content hosting.

Engage every learner with interactive video lessons.

Understand your audience with advanced video analytics.

Blur, replace, or remove your webcam background with AI technology.

Recognize text within images using AI-powered OCR for fast editing.

Easily plan & build videos using our interactive storyboard tool.

Auto-generate captions for videos with Speech-to-Text AI technology.

Find high-quality, royalty-free stock photos, videos, and music.

Make planning, writing, and creating videos easier with a script.

Host, play, and share unlimited videos online with no ads.

Create stunning, engaging webcam videos perfect for any project.

Other Tools

Elevate your videos with captivating music to set the tone.

Add text to images to engage your audience and explain ideas.

Overlay text on your videos to describe, inform and engage.

Create the right mood for your viewers with free background music.

Transform your images with ScreenPal’s cutting-edge blur image tool.

Improve accessibility and be more inclusive with video captions.

Crop an image for better balance and design, or to optimize your content.

Easily explain it with video drawing tools and interact with your content.

Easily embed your videos on other websites with our free hosting platform.

Replace your video background using chroma key technology. 

Change image height and width dimensions to the perfect size.

Integrate with some of your favorite tools to improve your workflow. 

Test your microphone with a simple click in your browser.

Convert MOV videos to MP4 to improve file compatibility.

Effortlessly convert MP4 to GIF files with our free video to GIF converter.

Store your favorite ScreenPal videos as MP4 files with our MP4 downloader.

Unleash your creativity with easy photo editing software!

Quickly convert any image into a high-quality PNG file.

We build tools that help you make your videos accessible to everyone.

Remove music, computer audio, or narration from part of a video or the entire video.

Choose from a wide selection of royalty-free music to set the tone for your video.

Quickly capture your screen as an image or video recording.

Create video recordings from any location with our free mobile screen recording app.

Capture any area of your screen with horizontal & vertical scrolling captures.

Take screenshots instantly with our snipping tool and edit for free.

Add fun, excitement, and humor to your videos, with free sound effects.

Create high-quality video content with royalty-free stock photos.

Enhance your videos with ScreenPal’s diverse collection of royalty-free stock videos!

Improve accessibility and boost engagement with our subtitle generator.

Automatically convert video to text and export as a video transcript.

Effortlessly upload images for secure access to your images anytime, anywhere!

Compress videos in seconds to reduce video file size.

Convert videos to .MP4, .AVI, .FLV and GIF in just a few clicks.

Crop video to the ideal shape, size, or orientation. 

Remove unwanted segments of video in just a few clicks.

Create engaging videos from anywhere with ScreenPal’s free mobile video editor app.

Share your video with the world – or just a few friends – using a video link.

Easily record videos from any text box or comment field, then share.

Enhance videos with video overlays to add depth, context, and split-screen effects.

Protect and share your videos confidently with our free secure video hosting platform.

Our user-friendly video recording software captures your message with ease!

Quickly resize any video for free with ScreenPal’s video resizer.

Share videos quickly and securely with ScreenPal’s online video hosting platform.

Speed up and slow down video to create excitement or add emphasis.

Improve video engagement with our animated text generator.

Easily trim and cut video to the perfect length in seconds. 

Enjoy unlimited video uploads  and securely manage all your videos in one location.

Add a virtual background to webcam recordings for privacy and creativity.

Create stunning videos with no watermark using ScreenPal’s free video editor!

Test your desktop webcam with a click, right in your browser.

ScreenPal can help you create…

Build excitement for your brand and products with promo videos.

Create animated GIFs with our free GIF maker in just minutes!

Transform any screenshot or image into a infographic with our infographic maker!

Improve video engagement with quizzes, polls, clickable buttons, and links directly in your videos.

Create polished, customized invitations for any event with ScreenPal’s invitation maker.

Make a meme from an image or video with our meme maker tools.

Create stunning videos from scratch our intuitive movie maker.

Create meaningful, memorable music videos that connect with your audience.

Create presentations, celebrate milestones, and preserve memories.

Quickly generate and customize thumbnail images to increase video views.

Create memorable, engaging learning experiences for your audience.

Make spectacular videos of any length with our simple, intuitive video maker.

Enhance storytelling, emotional connection, and engagement with a video montage.

Make YouTube videos that get views & engagement with the video editor.

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