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Quickly generate and customize video thumbnail images that captivate your audience. Stand out with eye-catching thumbnails that enhance your content and entice your viewers.

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Easily create custom thumbnails with ScreenPal

Build your audience with eye-catching thumbnails

Create thumbnails for videos with ScreenPal’s quick and flexible thumbnail maker. Capture the attention of viewers with professional-looking, vibrant thumbnails to grow your audience. Customize to add interest and brand your videos to make them instantly recognizable.

custom video thumbnail

Stylize and brand thumbnails

Explore fonts, colors and shape overlays to customize your thumbnails. The best part? You can use those same styles for your other content too, so everything stays fresh, consistent, and brand-ready. Creating eye-catching thumbnails that represents your content is easy!

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How to use the thumbnail maker

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Import Images

Take a screenshot or import your image into the project manager.

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Enhance Images

Crop your image to add interest. Add text, shapes overlays and more.

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Save your thumbnail, or upload to the free hosting platform to share.

Create stunning thumbnails for any type of video

Our thumbnail maker is the perfect solution to create attractive, engaging thumbnails for videos on YouTube, ScreenPal and more!

Education videos

Emphasize educational content, add clarity and context, and drive visual interest with custom thumbnails.

Business videos

Add visual appeal, stylize, and make business content brand-ready to drive engagement with custom thumbnails. 

Personal videos

Create eye-catching custom thumbnails that provide a visual representation of your content.

Annotate thumbnails for free 

Explore a variety of fonts to find the perfect match for text overlays. Combine text, colorful frames, shapes, and other annotations to produce captivating thumbnails. Add your logo to make your thumbnails brand-approved.
add text to thumbnails

Free image and video hosting 

Ready to share? Upload it to the ScreenPal hosting platform to get a shareable link. Easily save thumbnails to your device to use on Youtube, or wherever you are sharing your content.
unlimited video and image hosting

Free Screenshots & Thumbnail Editor

Instantly capture your screen for easy communication. Free features include:

Thumbnail Maker
Thumbnail Maker
Thumbnail Maker
Thumbnail Maker
Thumbnail Maker
Thumbnail Maker

Upgrade for advanced screenshots and thumbnail editing

Our full screenshot and image editor empowers you to capture and share ideas

Thumbnail maker: Frequently asked questions

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