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Transform your image editing experience with ScreenPal’s cutting-edge blur image tool. Whether you are protecting sensitive data or drawing focus to specific elements, our image blur effect is your perfect solution.

Included in all paid plans.

Protect sensitive information Protect sensitive information
Eliminate distractions Eliminate distractions
Focus on your message Focus on your message
Create image depth Create image depth

Blur an image area in seconds

Increase creativity with the blur effect

Unlock the potential of ScreenPal’s blur tool, your ultimate creative solution for image creation. Whether you are aiming to blur a background photo, master image focus, eliminate distractions, enhance privacy, or more, this powerful tool has you covered.

blur image

Easily adjust blur settings

Quickly fine-tune the blur intensity with our user-friendly interface. Tailor the level of blur to match your preferences. Simply slide the adjustment tool to achieve your desired blur intensity for an image area. No hassle, it is that easy!

adjust image blur settings

How to blur an image

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Capture a screenshot or import an image, then open up the image editor.

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Click the “Blur” tool the use your mouse to click and drag and area of your image to blur. Use the slider to set blur intensity.

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Save your blurred image to your device, or upload to ScreenPal’s free hosting platform, and share it with others (if you choose)! 

Enhance your images with the blur effect

Blurring an image is a quick, easy way to ensure privacy, emphasize content, or achieve other goals.

Ensure readable text

Blurring backgrounds behind text enhances readability without requiring a background color. Make text stand out distinctly from the visual backdrop.

Hide sensitive content

Use the blur effect to keep things private. Blur out passwords, emails, faces, text, and more. Ensure your personal information stays safe and hidden.

Focus on what matters

Simplify your message by blurring out unnecessary parts of an image using the blur effect. This helps viewers understand your message faster and clearer.

Customize your images further with annotations

Ready to take your images to the next level ? With ScreenPal’s image editor, you are not only able to apply blur effects, but you can also incorporate shapes, arrows, text, annotations, crop, resize, and more! The image editor is equipped with a wide range of features to make photo editing and customization seamless and effortless.
edit images beyond blurring

Enjoy unlimited image hosting

Say goodbye to concerns about using space on your device for storing screenshots and images. Utilize ScreenPal’s hosting to conveniently store all of your images in one place. Moreover, our hosting service offers a variety of useful features including visibility settings, shareable links, organized content, and much more!
host unlimited blurred images

Get started with our free screenshots & image editor

ScreenPal’s image editor strikes the ideal balance between efficiency and customization. Packed with an array of features, personalizing your content has never been easier. Free features include:

Add text & annotations Add text & annotations
Highlight important information Highlight important information
Add shapes (circles, squares, & more) Add shapes (circles, squares, & more)
Add numbered steps Add numbered steps
Draw using freehand Draw using freehand
Crop & resize image Crop & resize image
Blur Image
Blur Image
Blur Image
Blur Image
Blur Image
Blur Image

Upgrade to blur images and so much more!

Beyond our free image editing options, discover exclusive tools in our paid plans, such as blurring, scrolling screenshots, and text recognition, to elevate your images to a new level.

Blur image: Frequently asked questions

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