Connect with employees through video

Create and publish videos for a consistent employee experience.  

Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Efficient, consistent communication with a personal touch

From employee onboarding to compliance training, training videos helps you connect and share your message.

Microlearning for formal and informal training

Videos make it easier to explain corporate benefits, answer frequently asked questions and engage your audience. Record your screen and webcam for faster, clearer and more efficient communication. Eliminate the long emails and lengthy manuals – send a quick clip for your audience to reference when they need it. 

ScreenPal video editor for training

Employee testimonials 2.0

Creating professional-looking corporate videos is easy. Interview employees to create video testimonials. Perfect your videos with the intuitive video editor. Share as part of your corporate communications effort, or as a recruitment strategy. 

ScreenPal employee testimonial videos

Connect with your audience

Build deeper relationships with your team through video. Let them hear your voice and see your face! Go ahead, have a conversation and collaborate with video.

connect with your audience with videos

Personalize the experience

Enhance and polish your videos with animation, effects and music to drive engagement. Easily share videos or video channels through your intranet. Our rapid authoring tools allow you to create, share and update videos.

personalize your ScreenPal video editor

Trusted by soloprenuers and corporations all over the world.

Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training
Business HR and Corporate Training

Easy & Powerful

Supercharge communication – add videos and images to the apps you love.
Business HR and Corporate Training

Easily fits in your workflow

Google Drive
Connect and share with the team.

Seamlessly fits in your LMS.

Brightspace D2L
Create and post content.

Bring presentations to life.

Connect directly with Dropbox.

Explain ideas and collaborate.

Helping businesses communicate more effectively

I can show and tell with a video

I have clients from all over the country and ScreenPal gives me the ability to ‘visit’ them without ever having to move from my business in the countryside.

Read Jimi’s story 

Jimi Hove - Online Marketing
Jimi Hove
Online Marketing Business Owner

Asynchronous communication

We are a semi-remote team spread over 15 countries, so preparing a video with an issue, idea or question, saves us from having calls that are convenient for some but really bad for others.

Read AgoraPulse profile 

Asynchronous communication
Lisa Kalner Williams
AgoraPulse Product Marketing Director

Choose a plan that is right for your team.

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