Interactive video

Create captivating, interactive videos for any audience, with ScreenPal’s interaction tools. Improve video engagement with quizzes, polls, clickable buttons, and links directly in your videos.

Available for Solo Max and Team plans. 

Test student understanding Test student understanding
Improve employee onboarding Improve employee onboarding
Create shoppable videos Create shoppable videos
Gain customer feedback Gain customer feedback

Create interactive videos in a few clicks

Create interactive videos quickly with ScreenPal’s intuitive hosting features. Simply upload your video to ScreenPal’s hosting platform, then add interactive buttons, links, quizzes, polls, or surveys anywhere throughout the video in just a few clicks.

engage your audience with interactive video

Easily add interactive video effects

Customize videos with interactive elements that connect with your audience and goals. Add a poll or survey to gain audience feedback. Create a quiz to measure students’ understanding of a lesson. Increase sales with shoppable annotation links and buttons.

Share on any device or embed mobile responsive quizzes

How to create an interactive video

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Upload video

Create your video and upload it to ScreenPal’s hosting platform with a Solo Max or Team plan.

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Add interactive elements

Open your video and click the Interaction Tools tab. From here, quickly add call-to-action buttons, annotation links, quizzes, and polls.

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Save and Share

Save your updates and share the new video with your audience using a video link or embed code.

Improve engagement with interactive videos

interactive marketing videos

Video Marketing

Add quizzes, polls, and surveys to product demos, training videos, and promotional videos to test your viewers’ knowledge of the subject matter and gather feedback. Create better videos by allowing your audience to tell you exactly what they  need.

interactive education videos


Add quizzes and surveys to your instructional videos to ensure your students are paying attention and retaining information. Intersperse questions throughout your video and configure your quiz to prevent skipping to ensure learners are staying engaged.

interactive hobby videos


Add interactive elements to your shoppable videos, product videos, and social media video posts with our interaction links. Make your products and services more accessible by guiding customers directly to your sign-up page, website or online shop.

Create interactive content you can access anywhere

Host and share unlimited interactive videos

Hosting your content on ScreenPal’s hosting platform means you can upload and share unlimited videos and access them anywhere with an internet connection. Set privacy controls, embed videos on websites, organize videos into channels and folders, use analytics to gain insight into your audience, and much more.
Interactive Video

Customize the video viewing experience

Tailor your content even further with our customization features. With a Solo Premier, Solo Max, or Team plan, you can customize the color of the video player, add logos to your content, and personalize your audience’s experience by configuring player options.
customize the video player
Interactive Video
Interactive Video
Interactive Video
Interactive Video
Interactive Video
Interactive Video

Upgrade for advanced content sharing features

Access our advanced video hosting features and interaction tools with paid plans. Our robust content management features include:

Interactive Video: Frequently asked questions

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