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Easily embed your videos on other websites for free using ScreenPal’s hosting platform. Choose the embed size, add a transparent background, decide which actions you want to allow your viewers to perform, and much more.

Personalized viewing experience Personalized viewing experience
Easy-to-use embed code Easy-to-use embed code
No technical skills needed No technical skills needed
Custom embed settings Custom embed settings

Quickly embed ScreenPal videos to any website

Quickly embed videos

Embed any video in your ScreenPal account by copying and pasting the HTML embed video code. ScreenPal generates this customized code based on the options and settings you select. You can preview the embed code to see what the video will look like on a website.

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Embed unlimited videos for free

With ScreenPal’s free hosting platform, you can store and manage all your videos in one secure, convenient location. Create channels and folders to organize your content, embed videos on your own website, add custom thumbnails, and create custom video links.

embed videos for free

Record and edit videos for free

Create authentic, engaging videos with ScreenPal’s free screen recorder. Record your screen, webcam, or both with audio. Remove, blur, or replace your webcam background with a virtual background to personalize your content. Enhance your recording in the free video editor with text and effects, add royalty-free background music, and then upload your video to ScreenPal to embed anywhere.
record your screen and webcam for free

How to embed a video

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Create video

Create and customize your video using ScreenPal’s Screen Recorder and Video Editor. Upload your video to ScreenPal’s hosting platform.

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Open the video from your hosting account. Choose your embed settings and then copy the video’s embed code.

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Paste the embed code into an HTML field to share your video with others.

Where can I use an embed code to share content?

Company websites

Allow your customers to watch videos directly from your company’s homepage, including marketing videos, product demos, promotions, and announcements.

Intranet pages

Internally share company-wide announcements, training and compliance videos, and how-to’s by embedding them right on your employee intranet site.

Course pages

Make learning fun by sharing lesson videos, teacher introductions, and lectures directly from a course page or compatible Learning Management Systems.

Increase the reach of your ScreenPal videos

Share videos using links

Quickly share your content without using an embed code by copying a direct link from ScreenPal’s free hosting platform. This link is automatically generated when you upload your video to ScreenPal. You can also create custom links to better showcase your brand.
share custom video links

Caption your content

Make your videos more accessible by adding captions. You can add captions from our Video Editor, or by uploading a captions file once your video is uploaded to ScreenPal. When you create an embed code, simply select the Captions option and the captions will be included in your embedded video.
add video captions

Improve engagement with AI-powered features

Streamline your workflow and make your videos more accessible with AI-generated video titles, summaries, and transcripts. Help your viewers easily navigate your content with time-stamped links and video chapters.
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Start hosting your videos for free

Manage, protect, and share images and videos! Free features include:

Embed Video
Embed Video
Embed Video
Embed Video
Embed Video
Embed Video

Upgrade for complete content sharing

Do more with your embedded videos by upgrading your plan. Our robust content management platform includes:

Embed video: Frequently asked questions

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