Video messages where you type

Say it clearly the first time with quick, authentic video messages. Easily record videos from any text box or comment field in your favorite browser-based apps, then share. Less typing, fewer meetings, better communication. Say it with a ScreenPal!

Video Messaging
Video Messaging
Video Messaging
Video Messaging
Video Messaging
Video Messaging

Comments come alive

Add context and personality to any comment field. Easily capture your screen, webcam, or both, right from your browser where you’re typing. Reduce back-and-forth, communicate clearly, and build better connections—all without leaving your browser.
video comments to communicate more clearly

ScreenPal works where you do

Click in any text field or comment box in your favorite browser-based apps, record your message, and share. Seamless, efficient, asynchronous communication through video messaging.
seamless communication through video messaging

Built with remote & hybrid teams in mind

Friendlier feedback Friendlier feedback
Capture clear, concise, expressive feedback that sets the right tone.
Fewer meetings Fewer meetings
Share quick video updates and status reports so everyone stays on track.
Better connections Better connections
Build team culture with personalized asynchronous video communication.

Seamless sharing

After recording, we will drop in an animated GIF. For sites that don’t allow animated GIFs, we will drop in a link to the video.

Playback where you are

Hover over ScreenPal videos to play them right in the website you are using. No distractions.
Share ScreenPal Videos

Chat, text, email, ScreenPal

Easy knowledge sharing Easy knowledge sharing
Share knowledge and ramp up the team! Capture systems, processes, and share.
More productive meetings More productive meetings
Skip meetings, or share objectives before the meeting starts. Bring everyone up to speed with meeting recaps.
Comments in context Comments in context
Collaborate with your team, empower easy reviews and put your comments in context.

Edit (when necessary) 

Whoops! Need a quick trim or to crop out a username? Easily trim out the beginning or the end of your videos, and crop your capture. Save, share, and go!
easily edit videos

Ready? Say it with ScreenPal

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