Engage every learner with interactive video lessons

Perfect for:

Student assessment Student assessment
Team engagement Team engagement
Training videos Training videos
Onboarding Onboarding

Create interactive quizzes in minutes

Upload from any device or from any of our apps. Add multiple choice, true/false, short answer, poll, and rating questions. Easily configure questions and randomize responses. Set correct answers and capture feedback.
create interactive quizzes easily

Share with any learner, on any device

Share via custom links or easily embed on your site. Maintain full control over who can access and take quizzes. Require a video section to be viewed before answering. Schedule start and due dates for your quizzes. 
share or embed quizzes with any learner

Get insights & analytics

Monitor overall progress and identify issues with summary results. Understand how each student is learning with individual results and heat maps. Update question scores and provide individual feedback on answers. Export data into a spreadsheet or as presentation in pdf.
insights and analytics from quizzes

Make learning fun

Create fun, engaging video learning experiences with interactive quizzing. You can add a quiz question at any point in your video, and you can add as many questions as you like. Want to make sure your audience is paying attention to your lessons? Add a quiz at key moments as a way to ensure viewers stay focused.  
make learning fun with quizzes

Promote engagement, enhance comprehension, and assess your students or audience.

Interactive questions Interactive questions
Polling and ratings Polling and ratings
Configurable sharing Configurable sharing
Results and analytics Results and analytics

Quizzing: Frequently asked questions

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