Streamline video creation with Stories

Save time, boost creativity, and get results faster with our integrated, interactive video story builder.

Perfect for:

Product tutorials Product tutorials
Marketing videos Marketing videos
Flipped lessons Flipped lessons
Training videos Training videos

Visualize & create your video with ease

Start with a storyboard or a script, then easily toggle back and forth as you build your story. Add sections, drag and drop to rearrange them, and easily add or record content right in your story. Add notes for planning, type or import a script, then turn your script into captions automatically. 
Toggle between storyboard mode and script mode

Add media from anywhere

Add video, images, and music from your device, the premium stock library, or your everyday apps. Create your script anywhere and upload. Import Google Slides directly, and Powerpoint or Keynote presentations as PDFs. Import audio from anywhere, and Stories will automatically map narration to your story sections. 
add media to storyboard for easy video creation

Integrated & intuitive video editing

Easily create without any editing, or use the fully integrated video editor where and when you need it. Edit directly from your storyboard or script. Add and animate text, shapes, images, and video overlays. Layer sound effects and music, and easily edit multiple tracks of audio. 
The video editor is integrated into your storyboard

 Empower your team to be more creative, collaborative, & effective with Stories

Stories is built for teams of any size in every industry, and makes modular, collaborative content creation easy. Let your subject matter experts focus on sharing their expertise instead of learning complicated software. Unlock the full power of Stories with any paid plan.

Stories: Frequently asked questions

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