Video script maker

Make planning, writing, and creating videos easier with a script. Conveniently add, view, and edit your video script within our storyboard view or list view along with each video segment. Start your video script for free in the interactive Stories tool, and then upgrade to any paid plan to publish and share your video.

Write or import your script Write or import your script
Integrated recorder & editor Integrated recorder & editor
Add notes for further direction Add notes for further direction
Export script for narration Export script for narration

Set up your script in seconds

Easily import your script text or write your script directly in either storyboard or list view. Add notes to each section for additional direction to aid in the planning and creation process.
script your videos with ease

Add audio narration for scripts

Bring your script to life by quickly recording or importing audio narration with a few clicks. View the script within the Stories feature or export the script to aid in the audio recording process. The narration can then be added to individual video sections while editing or to the full video timeline.
add script audio

How to make a script

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Open stories

In the project manager, select ‘Story’ to get started with a script.

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Add your script

Write directly in the storyboard or list view, or import your script text.

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Complete Video

Add audio narration or other video edits then save the file.

Script writing made easy

Plan, write, and create videos efficiently with the help of a script in our interactive Stories tool.

export script


Outline important information for the video using a script. Organize your ideas into video sections to help bring your story to life.

stories script view


Script the talking points for each video section in storyboard or list view. Or create your script separately and import it in Stories.

plan your video and script


Easily create your video from your script in the Stories tool by adding narration, new video sections, stock media, effects, etc.

Build your videos with a script


Easily export your story and share the file so others can import and collaborate on the narration or the video creation process.

Upgrade for our full-featured video editor

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management. Additional features include:

Script: Frequently asked questions

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