Resources for business

Get the most out of ScreenPal for business with our training resources below. Explore certifications, webinars, quick video tutorials, and inspiration from the blog. 

ScreenPal certifications & webinars

Level 1 ScreenPal certification

  4 videos   |      2 hours

Learn how to capture, create, share, and engage every viewer with ScreenPal’s intuitive, all-in-one app.

Creating Tutorials with ScreenPal

  5 videos   |      1 hour

Join members of the ScreenPal team as they discuss best practices and demo editing tips for creating tutorial videos with ScreenPal.

ScreenPal Quizzing

Ready to increase engagement on your videos? Find out how to add questions, polls, and ratings in our free, on-demand webinar on ScreenPal Quizzing.

ScreenPal Hosting

Learn how to host, manage, and share interactive content with ScreenPal. Explore CTAs, customization & branding, and embedding videos and quizzes.

Explore additional video tutorials

Easy video guides

7 min

A step-by-step process on how to start using our free screen recorder.

10 min

The video editor has all you need to enhance your videos.  Here’s a quick guide to get started.

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