ScreenPal Certification: Level 1

Welcome to ScreenPal! Our Level 1 Certification will help you get started on your journey to creating and sharing great content with ScreenPal’s easy creation tools and content hosting platform. Watch the short videos below, take the fun embedded quizzes, and learn how to create videos like this for your own audience!

1.1 How to capture your screen

  1 video   |      16 min

Learn how to capture and annotate your screen with our easy screen recording and screenshot tools.

1.2 How to create your project

  1 video   |      20 min

Get a thorough overview and learn how to use all of the tools in our video editor.

1.3 How to share your project

  1 video   |      15 min

Explore all of the ways to publish and share content, plus the benefits of hosting videos on ScreenPal.  

1.4 How to engage your viewers

   1 video   |      20 min

Learn how to add interactive questions, polls, & ratings to videos, then share or embed anywhere. 

Get your certification

It’s easy to get certified! Once you’ve completed the course modules above, fill out the exit survey and we’ll send your certification.

Complete the certification survey

Explore additional video tutorials

Easy video guides

7 min

A step-by-step process on how to start using our free screen recorder.

10 min

The video editor has all you need to enhance your videos.  Here’s a quick guide to get started.

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