Slack with ScreenPal

Make communicating complex ideas in Slack easy and effective! Use ScreenPal to explain ideas and collaborate efficiently across your team.

How to set up ScreenPal with Slack:

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Sign up

 Create a free ScreenPal account.

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Create a recording or screenshot of your work using ScreenPal.
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Edit and share video or screenshot links in Slack channels and conversations. 

Quickly share your ideas across your team with video communication

Use videos and screenshots to clearly communicate ideas and feedback. Empower video conversations across the team. 
Create recordings with annotations to communicate complex ideas to the team. Use time more effectively by sharing, uploading, or posting videos directly in Slack channels. 
Share Video In Slack

Quickly capture with screenshots

Use our screenshot tool to capture a window, full screen, or an area. Screenshots are automatically copied to your clipboard and can be pasted directly into Slack. 
Annotate your screenshots in the image editor by adding text, arrows, and highlights. Blur any sensitive information captured on your screen. Upload your images to content hosting to organize and share them along with your videos. 
quickly capture screenshots

Start creating today!

Want to record right from Slack?

Easy integration for your workflow.

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