Add the screen recorder and video editor to your app with our SDK

Empower your customers to create content without costly development or maintenance.
Docebo uses ScreenPal
Instructure uses ScreenPal
 Qumu uses ScreenPal
Skoletube uses ScreenPal
BMC uses ScreenPal

Everything you need to integrate video creation into your app

The ScreenPal SDK enables you to add screen recording and video editing into your app, including deep linking to support your specific workflows.


Learning Management Systems


Product demos, sales intros, & video emails


Knowledge sharing & project management applications


Enhance training, mentorship & compliance


Customer training and support

Quick and simple API integration

Add the tools with just a few lines of code. Have the screen recorder and video editor integrated in less than a day. Use your cloud infrastructure for video storage. No data needs to be shared with ScreenPal, making compliance a breeze.

simple API integration

Use deep links to enhance your workflows

Launch the recording in multiple modes, send a hosted file to the video editor, and offer video templates to your customers. Deep linking allows you to streamline content creation aligned to your workflow.

simple API integration

Turbocharge your app by empowering your customers with screen capture and video editing.  

Our easy-to-use tools for screen capture and editing add value to your solution while avoiding the prohibitive cost and hassle of software maintenance.

Developer videos: Frequently asked questions

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