Microsoft Teams integration for ScreenPal

ScreenPal integrated with Microsoft Teams for easy editing and sharing.

How to set up ScreenPal with Microsoft Teams:

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Sign up

 Get started with a Deluxe, Premier, or Max subscription.

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Connect with your Microsoft Teams meeting recordings. You will then see your Teams recordings in the ScreenPal content manager.
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Edit & Share

Click on the video thumbnail to import your recording. Use the ScreenPal video editor to edit your meeting video and share it.

Record your meeting or webinar

Use Microsoft Teams to record your meeting or webinar. Store Microsoft Teams recordings in Sharepoint. 
record your meeting or webinar

Connect with Microsoft Teams

Click “Connect” in the ScreenPal content manager.
Easily connect with your meeting recordings. Click on Microsoft Teams meeting thumbnails to easily import videos.
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connect screenpal with microsoft teams

Edit Microsoft Teams recordings & transform your meeting video

Mix and match videos and media. Trim, crop, and cut segments of your videos. Edit audio, replace narration and add music. Clean up or replace captions. 
Highlight and zoom in/out on specific areas of your screen.  Add text, shape, blur, image, and video overlays including from our stock media library. Add animations and transitions for effects. 
edit recordings and meeting videos

Share your Microsoft Teams meetings

Take advantage of our intuitive cloud hosting and sharing platform. Get a shareable link or embed code to use on your LMS, or other applications. Organize your content into folders using drag and drop. Share folders to collaborate with team members. 
Create video channels, choosing the play order for your audience. Personalize the video viewing experience with a custom player and thumbnail. Upload to other popular cloud hosting services or save to your computer.
share your microsoft teams meetings

Start creating today!

Easy integration for your workflow

Microsoft Teams video editor: Frequently asked questions

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