MP4 video editor

Edit MP4 videos quickly and easily for free on any device—no account required. Trim, cut, and crop, plus add text, transitions, music, and more!

Easy, fast, & free Easy, fast, & free
Trim, cut, & crop Trim, cut, & crop
Add & edit audio Add & edit audio
No watermark No watermark

Easily edit and share MP4 videos for free 

Save time with ScreenPal’s free MP4 editor

Edit your MP4 videos quickly and effortlessly with ScreenPal – no learning curve or experience needed! Our intuitive tools are designed to make video editing easy for anyone. We’ve compressed the traditional video timeline, so you can focus on your content without any confusion or distractions. Plus, we autosave your work, so you can easily revert changes at any time. Your editing tools are color-coded, making it easy to update, redo, or remove any edit without impacting your other edits. Edit professional-looking videos for free with ScreenPal!

MP4 video editor

Get creative with free MP4 editing features

Create compelling videos for free for any channel. Speed up or slow down your MP4 video. Add freeze frame and zoom effects. Overlay images, rich text and shapes. Choose from a library of transitions, sound effects, and royalty-free music to enhance your videos. Add voiceover narration, and edit multiple audio tracks, all for free.

free mp4 video editing software no watermark

How to use our free MP4 video editor

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Choose your video

Click to launch the MP4 video editor and select the video you want to edit. Your video clip will then open in the video editor.

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Edit your MP4 video

Click the “Tools” menu to explore all of the easy editing features available to you, then edit your video. Trim, cut, crop, and resize, plus add text, images, music, and more.

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Save & share

Ready to share? You can download your video for free, upload to to share with a secure link, or publish directly to YouTube and other destinations.

Perfect for any video creator

ScreenPal’s free MP4 video editor makes it easy to edit and share high-quality, professional-looking videos for any audience.

Edit videos on any device

ScreenPal’s free MP4 editor works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Chromebook, so you can edit and share videos on any device.

Save and share anywhere

Download your finished video for free and share anywhere. Upload to for free, unlimited video hosting. Share with a secure link and embed anywhere with customizable responsive embed code.

Safe and secure video editing

Download and launch ScreenPal on your device with no account required. Edit, save, and share mp4 videos for free without ever creating an account. Or sign up for secure, private video hostingm and share video links as unlisted or password protected.

Unlock robust editing with ScreenPal’s full video editor

Explore endless possibilities with the full-featured video editor. Combine video clips, overlay videos, insert screen recordings, and blur video. Save time with automatic silence detection, and create videos from interactive video storyboards.

full-featured mp4 video editing

Make your MP4 videos accessible with captions

Automatically generate editable speech-to-text captions or add your own captions with our easy, interactive captions editor. Save open captions when you download your video as an MP4, or upload to to host your video with closed captions. ScreenPal’s video player is completely ad-free and fully accessible.
add captions to any mp4 video

Create engaging videos with our free MP4 video editor

Edit MP4 videos for free with ScreenPal. Enjoy a range of features like trimming, adding effects, overlays, and more. Free features include:

Music (free stock music) Music (free stock music)
Crop or resize video Crop or resize video
Adjust video speed Adjust video speed
Zoom in / out on video Zoom in / out on video
Adjust volume, add narration Adjust volume, add narration
Cut, copy, paste sections Cut, copy, paste sections
Stylized text overlays Stylized text overlays
Annotate with arrows & shapes Annotate with arrows & shapes
Add transitions Add transitions
Save video files Save video files
Upload to cloud hosting Upload to cloud hosting
Add closed captions Add closed captions
MP4 video editor
MP4 video editor
MP4 video editor
MP4 video editor
MP4 video editor
MP4 video editor

Upgrade for our full video creation suite

Upgrade to the full video editor for advanced features like combining clips, adding screen recordings, blur effects, storyboard editing, and more. Additional features include:

Video overlay, picture-in-picture Video overlay, picture-in-picture
Interactive storyboard editor Interactive storyboard editor
Script recording mode Script recording mode
Transfer mobile app videos Transfer mobile app videos
Integrated screen recording Integrated screen recording
Blur any part of your video Blur any part of your video
Drag-and-drop video builder Drag-and-drop video builder
Change webcam shape & size  Change webcam shape & size 
Auto Speech-to-Text captions Auto Speech-to-Text captions
Expanded stock music library Expanded stock music library
Hide your webcam or cursor Hide your webcam or cursor
Automatically remove silences Automatically remove silences

MP4 video editor: Frequently asked questions

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