Add music to video

Elevate your videos with captivating soundtracks. Music enhances video engagement, conveys emotions, and builds compelling narratives effortlessly. Easily add music to video using ScreenPal’s intuitive video editor.

Enrich storytelling Enrich storytelling
Engage with emotion Engage with emotion
Use free stock music Use free stock music
Add audio & sound effects Add audio & sound effects

Easily add audio, music, and sound effects to videos

Improve video engagement with music

Add a melodic touch to your videos to captivate your audience’s emotions. Music enriches storytelling, infuses mood, and makes your videos more compelling and shareable.

Add music to create engaging videos

Get creative with audio

Go beyond music and incorporate sound effects and narration in any section of your video to create dynamic and immersive video experiences, giving depth and context to your visuals.

Add audio to video and easily edit

How to add music to video

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Open video editor

Import your video into our user-friendly Video Editor.

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Add music to video

Click “Music” and choose from the built-in library of royalty-free stock music clips, or import your own audio.

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Save & share

Save your video to your device, share it with a link, or upload your video to ScreenPal and embed it anywhere!

Music can enhance any video

Bring your story to life with the perfect music track for every type of video.

Travel videos

Enhance your travel videos with music to transport viewers to fun destinations and relive adventures.

Workout videos

Energize your fitness videos with rhythmic beats to keep your audience motivated and moving.

Recipe demonstrations

Turn cooking tutorials into delightful experiences with background music that matches the cuisine.

Product unboxings

Create suspense in unboxing videos with music that builds anticipation for the big reveal.

Wedding highlights

Add romantic melodies to wedding videos, amplifying emotions captured on that special day.

Real estate videos

Make potential buyers feel at home with music that complements the property’s ambiance.

Add stock music for free

Explore ScreenPal’s built-in stock library, offering a great selection of royalty-free music to suit every genre and mood. Choose from free music tracks in every category to fit any video.

Explore royalty-free stock music for videos

Edit multiple tracks of audio for free

Easily add and edit multiple audio tracks to your video. Add music and sound effects to sections of your video in the video editor, along with voiceover narration and background music. Adjust volume, fade audio in and out, and normalize and loop audio, all for free.
Easily edit audio in the video editor

Create engaging videos with free video editing

Create any kind of video with music and sound effects for free with ScreenPal’s intuitive video editor. Free features include:

Add Music to Video
Add Music to Video
Add Music to Video
Add Music to Video
Add Music to Video
Add Music to Video

Unlock premium stock music for every video project

Make every video unique with unlimited use of thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks. Unlock the Premium Stock audio library with a Solo Max or Team subscription.
Premium stock music library with thousands of commercially licensed audio clips

Upgrade for our full-featured video editor

Create engaging, accessible videos with ScreenPal’s complete video editing solution. Premium features include: Additional features include:

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Add music to video: Frequently asked questions

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