Background Music

Add background music to videos and set the right tone for your audience. 

Easily add free background music or tracks from your library to a video and create the right mood for your audience.  Edit the music with fades, volume adjustments and normalization.

Free background music Free background music
Add to section or full video Add to section or full video
Royalty-free stock music  Royalty-free stock music 
Edit background music Edit background music

Add background music to a section or your entire video

Set the perfect tone for your audience

Matching music to the emotional intent of your video can enhance overall viewing enjoyment and comprehension. Whether your video is intended to excite, be thought provoking, or convey any emotion, a music track can be the perfect compliment for telling your story.

Create engaging videos with background music

Add more than just background music

Drive excitement, set a mood, and engage your audience with sound effects and voiceover, in addition to music. Add audio to video in any section of your video. Complement your story with narration. Add emphasis with the perfect sound effect. Use music strategically in specific sections of your video where you want to direct the viewers attention.

Add sound effects and voiceover to videos

How to add background music

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Import video

Import your video to the video editor.

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Explore & add music

Add a music track to the entire video or to a specific section.

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Edit music

Edit the audio of your music and publish for your audience to enjoy.

Background music to perfectly match any kind of video

Whether your viewers are prospects, students, employees, family or friends, background music can improve delivery of your video.

Marketing videos

Music backgrounds can drive the intended emotional response and keep the audiences attention so your message is impactful.

Educational videos

A well-placed music track helps focus attention and enhance concentration which improves overall learning comprehension for your students.

Social media

Excite your audience and communicate your brand with fun video music backgrounds. Beat the competition with exciting and engaging content.

Add royalty-free background music to videos

Grab a royalty-free track from our built-in music library or import a track from your device.  You can add a music track to your entire video with the global music feature or only to a section of the video using the timeline editing tools, including adding to multiple sections.
Add background music to videos

Edit your music track to fit your video content

After adding your music track you can edit the audio. Fade in & fade out your music, increase or decrease the volume, set audio ducking to align volume with other audio tracks, and normalize audio. Loop your music to continuously play during the entire video. Once your music track is selected you can easily replace music with another track to create a new tone for you video!
Edit multiple audio tracks

Add background music to videos and more for free

Our free video editor is simple to use and provides all you need to easily create high-quality, engaging videos. Free features include:

Background Music
Background Music
Background Music
Background Music
Background Music
Background Music

Upgrade for our full-featured video editor

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management. Additional features include:

Get Premium stock background music

Your video creation deserves the perfect music background. Our extensive Premium Stock Music library includes thousands of copyright-free background music tracks in many categories and genres to perfectly match your video. Upgrade to Solo Max or a Team Plan to access the Premium Stock Library.

Premium stock music library

More tools like this: Stock music library | Video editor | Edit audio

Background music: Frequently asked questions

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