Video audio editor

Edit audio to enhance your video in ScreenPal’s video audio editor.

Add narration, set the tone with the perfect music track, captivate your audience with sound effects, and edit multiple audio tracks in one place.

Add voiceover narration Add voiceover narration
Insert stock music tracks Insert stock music tracks
Edit multiple audio tracks Edit multiple audio tracks
Quickly save and share Quickly save and share

Set the tone with perfectly edited audio

Edit multiple audio tracks in one video

You can easily add multiple audio tracks to one video and then edit them separately with ScreenPal’s video audio editor.  Add and edit voice narration, computer audio, music, and sound effects for full control over all your audio.

edit music and voice with the video audio editor

Edit audio from part or all of a video

Choose whether you’d like to edit the audio in a portion of your video, or edit all of the video’s audio at once. You can mute portions of your video, adjust the volume for different types of audio separately, or extract your narration, music, or computer audio completely.

edit sections of audio or entire tracks

How to edit audio in videos

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Launch ScreenPal’s video audio editor and choose your video to edit.

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Edit audio

Add and remove audio tracks from a portion of your video, or from the entire project. Edit music, voice narration, and any audio in your video.

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Save and share

Save your finished video to your device or upload to our secure hosting platform and share with your audience. Or export your editing audio as a WAV file.

Create the ideal audio to accompany any video

ScreenPal’s video audio editor includes all the essential audio editing features you need to create captivating content.

Import and export audio

Import audio files from your computer or the stock library. You can add and edit music, voiceover narration, and sound effects to your video. You can also export your video’s audio as a WAV file.

Adjust volume

Increase or decrease the volume separately for each audio track. You can also fade each track in and out or use audio ducking to automatically lower the volume when narration is detected.

Normalize audio

Use our normalize feature to create consistency across all of the audio tracks included in your video.

Mute audio

Easily mute each audio track during a portion of your video, or for the whole recording.

Remove audio

Quickly remove specific audio tracks from your video, including computer audio, narration, and music. Add new audio clips in a snap.

Add stock audio files

Add free stock music tracks or sound effects from ScreenPal’s stock library. Upgrade your plan to a paid account to gain access to premium audio content.

Enhance your content with video editing tools

Edit more than just audio with ScreenPal’s robust video editor. Elevate your content with rich text, highlights, shapes and arrows, effects, animated transitions, image overlays, and more.
easy video and audio editing software

Host and share unlimited videos

Manage and showcase your content for free with ScreenPal’s secure online hosting platform. You can upload and share unlimited videos and images, set privacy controls, organize content into folders and channels, embed videos on your own website with the ad-free video player, and so much more.
professional video hosting

Everything you need in a free video editor

Not only can you edit the audio in your video, you can also use our wide selection of free tools to enhance your video.

Video audio editor
Video audio editor
Video audio editor
Video audio editor
Video audio editor
Video audio editor

Upgrade for more advanced editing features

Edit your videos even further with our full video creation suite, which offers features like automated captions and the ability to combine videos.

Video audio editor: Frequently asked questions

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