iPhone Screen Recorder App

Create videos on the go with our iPhone and iPad screen recorder and video editing app. Easily capture your mobile screen or camera and create videos. Enhance with mobile video editing tools.  

Capture Your iPhone and iPad

Scan with your device to download the Screen Recorder and Video Editing App, or use the button below.

Screen record on iPhone & iPad

The easy screen recording app is perfect for app demos, tutorials, video feedback, game walkthroughs and more! Creating and sharing videos has never been easier. 
screen recording app for iPhones & iPads
Transfer mobile recordings to the desktop video editor!

Record iPhone or iPad screen or camera for free

Capture and create videos anytime, anywhere with this easy screen recording app.

Upload with ScreenPal hosting

Quickly upload your videos to ScreenPal, or easily share with other apps. 

Video editing, like magic

Add music Add music

Import from iTunes, your device,  or explore hand-picked stock music to set the tone for your video.

Text overlay Text overlay

Add rich text to your videos. Choose from a selection of fonts and an easy color palette.

Blur overlay Blur overlay

Need to blur sensitive information?  Add a blur and hide areas of your screen.

Stock library Stock library

Explore images and videos in our stock library to enhance and inspire your video projects.

Add stickers Add stickers

Our overlay library is filled with stickers! Add shapes, emoticons, interaction icons and frames.

Cut & trim Cut & trim

Awkward start? Easily cut and trim your videos. Make multiple cuts on your timeline.

Crop for social Crop for social

Customize the crop for your video, or choose from preset sizes for social video sharing.

Video filters Video filters

Enhance the mood of your video with filters. Add pre-set filters to stylize your videos.

Voice effects Voice effects

Add effects to surprise and delight your audience! Confetti, snow, comic effects, and more!

Narration Narration

Add your audio narration to your finished or imported videos in the editing app.

Adjustments Adjustments

Enhance the appearance of your video. Adjust the brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation of your videos.

Mix & match Mix & match

Mix, rearrange, and merge multiple videos or recordings. Create an intro/outro, or mix video content.

Automatically transfer to the desktop video editor

Use one account across Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and iPhone/iPad.
With a Premier or Max plan, auto-transfer mobile app videos to ScreenPal’s intuitive desktop editor to take your videos to the next level.  
account access from multiple devices

iOS screen recorder: Frequently asked questions

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