Video overlay

Enhance your video content with video overlays. Add depth, context, and split-screen effects to tutorials, presentations, product demos, video promos, and more. Easily add and edit overlays to create effective, captivating videos.

Included in all paid plans.

Overlay any video Overlay any video
Easily edit overlays Easily edit overlays
Create split-screen effect Create split-screen effect
Add picture-in-picture Add picture-in-picture

Create dynamic content with video overlays

Add video overlays in just a few clicks

Easily add video overlays with ScreenPal’s intuitive video editor. No prior editing experience needed. Enhance your videos in just a few clicks, making them more engaging and professional.

add overlays for editing in the video editor

Create a split-screen effect

Elevate your content by using video overlays to create a split-screen effect. Videos overlays for split-screen are perfect for interviews, reaction videos, and tutorials, fostering a more immersive and interactive viewer experience.

create split screen videos

How to add a video overlay

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Import video

Launch the video editor with any paid plan and import your video for editing.

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Add video overlay

Select Tools > Overlay > Video, then upload your video or select from our stock library. Adjust your video overlay size and position in the editor.

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Save & share

Save your video to your device, upload directly to YouTube, or upload to ScreenPal to share with a link and embed anywhere.

Enhance any video with video overlays

Video overlays are essential for creating engaging content for effective visual communication.


Boost training videos with overlays to highlight key points. Elevate promotional videos with overlays for visual contrast. Enhance explainer animations with overlays to clearly depict processes. Transform product demos with video overlays to emphasize product features.


Illuminate video lessons with overlays, highlighting important facts and figures. Boost professional development courses, using overlays to underline key instructions or steps. Enhance online lectures, incorporating overlays to visualize complex theories or concepts.


Stop the scroll with video overlays in your social media videos. Personalize vlogs using overlays for a professional touch. Transform video montages by incorporating overlays for a creative blend. Elevate influencer content with video overlays to underscore brand promotions.

Enhance with video effects

Boost your video content with a wide range of editing features available in ScreenPal’s video editor. Add rich text, transitions, shapes, and image overlays. Get creative with freeze frame and slow motion effects. Dive into an extensive library of stock images, videos, sound effects, and music to transform your videos.
video editing features

Host and share unlimited videos

Host videos effortlessly with ScreenPal! Upload and share an unlimited number of videos, while having complete control over privacy settings. Embed your videos anywhere and easily organize your content for maximum visibility.
manage and share videos online

Get started with our free video editing features

Our free video editor is simple to use and provides all you need to easily create high-quality, engaging videos. Free features include:

Video Overlay
Video Overlay
Video Overlay
Video Overlay
Video Overlay
Video Overlay

Upgrade for video overlays and advanced editing

Upgrade and unlock other advanced video editing features that complement overlays, such as the ability to blur video, create from a video storyboard, and automatically add Speech-to-Text captions. Additional features include:

Video overlay: Frequently asked questions

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