Remove your background with green screen

Bring your ideas to life with green screen technology.

Replace your background with images or videos. Create special effects with the chroma key tool to transform your videos!

Go anywhere with green screen in our easy video editing software.

Unlock your creativity with backgrounds!

Add an office to your webcam, or take it a step further with motion backgrounds. Get creative with travels from around the world or showcase class topics like space and weather maps. 
Tip: use a flat sheet or paper roll to create your own DIY green screen from home.
stock backgrounds

Green screen, made easy

slack 1


 Record your webcam in front of a flat background color. (We recommend using a green or blue screen.) 

slack 2


Select the color you would like to remove and adjust the settings.

slack 3


Superimpose backgrounds and play around with layering for a professional-quality green screen video.

Enhance your videos with the green screen filter and more!

Green Screen: Frequently asked questions

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