Easily explain it with recorder drawing tools

Supercharge your desktop screen recordings with free drawing tools!

These tools are perfect for capturing friendly feedback, easy-to-follow tutorials, engaging lectures, better demos, and more. 

Annotate and draw on your videos. 

The free drawing tools make it easy to interact with your content!

How do the tools work?

slack 1


Launch the screen recorder.

slack 2

Select tool

Choose a drawing tool and customize the appearance.

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Draw, scribble, doodle, and engage with your content!

Free drawing tools

Pencil Pencil

Quickly draw on your screen.

Text Text

Add rich text and callouts. 

Highlighter Highlighter

Draw attention with the highlighter.

Shapes Shapes

Add arrows, rectangles, circles (and more).

Eraser Eraser

Erase some (or all) of your drawings.

Pan & zoom Pan & zoom

Zoom in on areas of your screen for emphasis.

Engage with your content (and audience)!

Adding customized annotations and drawings to your video is easy! Choose from curated color palettes, fonts, shapes, and more to add personality to your videos and direct your audience to specific content. 
engage with your content and audience

Easily reuse & repurpose content

After recording, easily hide your drawings in the Video Editor.
easily reuse and repurpose content

Annotate, draw, doodle with recorder drawing tools

Our free screen recorder gives you everything you need to start creating your own stunning, engaging screen and webcam videos. Free features include:

Draw on Videos
Draw on Videos
Draw on Videos
Draw on Videos
Draw on Videos
Draw on Videos

Upgrade for all you need in a screen recorder and more

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management.

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