Convert MOV to MP4 

Convert videos from MOV to MP4 with our free app.  Share your videos in MP4 so they can be viewed from any video player with the best performance.

Easily enhance your videos by cropping and resizing, adding text annotations, captions, sound effects, and more.

MOV to MP4 Converter MOV to MP4 Converter
Works on any video player Works on any video player
Shrink MOV as an MP4 file Shrink MOV as an MP4 file
Convert and enhance Convert and enhance

Quickly convert MOV to MP4 videos in seconds

Easily convert MOV to MP4 files

ScreenPal provides a powerful, free MOV to MP4 converter that includes full screen capture and video editing software. Quickly convert MOV to MP4 to optimize your videos for the best sharing and playback experience.
MOV to MP4 converter

Enhance your videos for free

With one app that works on desktop and mobile, ScreenPal provides easy to use, free video editing tools that allow you to improve and polish your video in addition to converting it to MP4. Add a webcam recording overlay, use a virtual background, merge other clips, add free stock music, and more.  Publish to our free hosting and share!
Convert and edit videos for free

How to convert MOV to MP4 videos

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Import your .mov video file in our free app.

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Convert the MOV to MP4 in the “Save as Video File” settings. Customize your video with text, annotations, shapes, intros, captions, audio editing, and more.

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Save and Share

Save the MP4 video file to your device or publish to our free hosting and share!

Convert and repurpose MOV videos as MP4

Our free video editor and MOV to MP4 converter makes it easy to optimize and repurpose your videos.

Convert Mac & iPhone videos

Convert your MOV files from Mac and iPhone to MP4 and get the best file size for streaming to any video player.

Mix MOV files with other clips

Combine multiple video files in our free video editor and then enhance your content with our comprehensive editing tools.

Host and share for free

When you upload to ScreenPal, your MOV file is converted to MP4. Our free hosting services provide easy-to-use tools for customized sharing.

Quickly import MOV files to convert to MP4 

Import an existing MOV file and easily convert the video to MP4, by saving the file to your device or uploading to our free hosting service. Converting to MP4 reduces the size of your file and is supported by all media players so you can reach the largest audience. 
Convert MOV video files as MP4

Repurpose Mac and iPhone video files

Make sure your Mac and iPhone videos reach the largest audience by repurposing your video as MP4 to work with other media platforms as well. Convert MOV to MP4 and enhance your videos for the best performance without sacrificing quality.
convert Mac and iPhone videos to MP4

Everything you need to convert & edit videos for free

Our free video editor is simple to use for converting MOV to MP4 and creating high-quality, engaging videos. Free features include:

Sync iPhone videos to your desktop

With a Premier or Max subscription, you can connect your iPhone to the Desktop Video Editor and automatically send your MOV files to our full video editor for rich editing. Never worry about converting to MP4 because the video editor will do it for you when saving to device or uploading.
send MOV files to the desktop video editor
MOV to MP4
MOV to MP4
MOV to MP4
MOV to MP4
MOV to MP4
MOV to MP4

Upgrade for our full-featured video editor

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management, in addition to our MOV to MP4 converter. Paid plan features include:

MOV to MP4 converter: Frequently asked questions

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