Video speed controller

Easily speed up or slow down your videos using our free video speed controller. Change video speed with just a few clicks to create excitement or add emphasis where needed – for free.

Free & easy to use Free & easy to use
Speed up video Speed up video
Slow down video for slow motion Slow down video for slow motion
Perfect for time lapse video Perfect for time lapse video

Change the speed of videos in seconds

Create action and excitement

Speed up your video to your desired speed (2x, 3x, etc.) using the video speed controller to create action and drive interest.  Create excitement and deliver more content in the same amount of time.  

video speed controller

Drive focus

Slow down your video with our slow motion effect to drive audience focus and make your point. Create suspense and drama in your video by applying slow motion to specific scenes.

slow down video and speed up video

How to use the video speed controller

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Open video

Open the video file that you would like to speed up or down in our video editor.

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Use the “speed up” or “slow down” feature and then choose your speed for a video section.

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Save file

Save the video to your device or upload it online to share with others.

Change video speed to improve viewer experience

Product Marketing

Drive interest at key points by speeding up your marketing video for creative effect and to help your audience focus attention on key points.


Slow down to drive emphasis in your training videos and make sure employees are absorbing essential elements of the lesson or compliance task.


Transform your slide decks into interactive video and use the video speed controller to drive better learning outcomes for your students.

Make multiple speed changes throughout a video

Use our free video speed controller to easily speed up or slow down videos in seconds.  Increase or decrease the speed for any section of your video, including adding multiple speed changes. Choose to change the speed of the entire video or just specific sections throughout the video as needed. 
change video speed

Create time lapse videos with a storyboard

Add images or slides to an interactive video storyboard using Stories, available with any paid plan, then speed up the video to create a time lapse effect. Import a Google Slides or PDF doc and then use our video speed controller to increase speed 2x, 3x or more.
create time lapse video

Mute audio from edited video sections

Sometimes when you speed up or slow down a video your audio doesn’t sync for the new edited section.  You can easily mute audio on the same section where you changed speed. 

mute video audio with the video speed controller

Everything you need in a free video editor

Our free video editor is simple to use and provides all you need to easily create high-quality, engaging videos. In addition to our video speed controller, free features include:

Video Speed Controller
Video Speed Controller
Video Speed Controller
Video Speed Controller
Video Speed Controller
Video Speed Controller

Upgrade for our full-featured video editor

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management. Additional features include:

Video speed controller: Frequently asked questions

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