Keep your recordings safe with our secure backup!

Save disk space

Backup to a dedicated space located off your computer.

Work anywhere

Restore your recordings on a different computer. 

Secure & private

Encrypted with AES-256 encryption. 

Never run out of disk space or lose your screen recordings again

Changing computers? Hard disk crashed? Use the backup feature to avoid losing your recordings! Secure and private online back-up, so you can safely keep your recordings in a dedicated space located off your computer. 
Available on Mac and Windows
securely backup your files

Safely backup & restore your recordings

Save space on your computer and ditch external hard drives. Access your recordings from any machine.
Encrypted with AES-256 encryption, keeping them safe and private. 
Safely backup & restore your recordings

Upgrade for complete content sharing

Our robust content management platform includes:

Backup and restore: Frequently asked questions

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