Merge videos

Easily combine videos into one using ScreenPal’s video merger. Combine video clips, screen recordings, or stock footage together into one dynamic video.

Save time Save time
Seamless storytelling Seamless storytelling
Easy video editing Easy video editing
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Merge and edit videos for a seamless story

Merge videos in seconds

Combine videos effortlessly with ScreenPal. Insert additional video clips, recordings, or stock footage in the intuitive video editor to tell your full story. Customize your video project with text, transitions, and effects, then polish with the perfect background music to create an engaging experience for your viewers.

merge videos in the video editor

Overlay videos for compelling effects

Easily showcase multiple videos at the same time with video overlays. Layer video clips, including webcam recordings, over each other to create split-screen and picture-in-picture effects.

overlay videos for effects

Combine videos in a video storyboard

Effortlessly organize your video project with our user-friendly storyboard builder. Add your script, notes, videos, images, and audio. Rearrange content as you build your story to join videos into a single, seamless. captivating video.
create a video storyboard to merge videos

How to use the video merger

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Import your video file into our video editor to use our video merger tool.

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Insert video

Select the ‘insert video’ feature from the ‘Tools’ menu to add new video files or ‘overlay video’ to display multiple videos at the same time.

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Save the new video to your computer or upload it to ScreenPal’s hosting account, then share it with others.

What can you do with the video merger

Seamlessly combine videos for presentations, storytelling, tutorials, and more!


Business professionals can use the video merger tool for presentations, training modules, client communications, webinars, client pitches, and more! The video merger adds efficiency and impact to various aspects of professional communication


Improve learning experiences by merging instructional videos and demonstrations, making it easy to follow along. Create comprehensive training modules for effective education using the video merger.


Craft engaging and shareable content for social media with our user-friendly video merger, adding a personal touch to your videos. Showcase your travel highlights by combining videos from your vacation. 

Edit videos for free

Edit and enhance your video clips with ScreenPal’s free video editor. Free features include:

Video Merger
Video Merger
Video Merger
Video Merger
Video Merger
Video Merger

Upgrade for our full video editing suite

Take your videos to the next level using our exclusive video editor features.

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Video merger: Frequently asked questions

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