Add text to video

Add text to videos in seconds for free!  Overlay text on your videos to describe, inform and engage. Use custom fonts, size, and colors to match your video and tone.

Add text overlays Add text overlays
Customize font type, color & size Customize font type, color & size
Reuse styles Reuse styles
Animate text overlays Animate text overlays

Add text to videos

Overlay videos with stylish and engaging text

Easily add text to your videos for free to help explain, draw attention and drive engagement. Enhance your video with text overlays at any section of your video, including video intro titles, text callouts, captions, ending credits, and more.

add text to video

Enhance your video with text styles and animations.

Effortlessly personalize your video text to compliment your branding and creative styling. Adjust text style and background for visual appeal and use animations to help capture attention.

enhance videos with text

How to add text to a video

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Add your video

Record your screen or webcam or import your video into the project manager.

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Type Your Text

From the video timeline, click Tools > Overlay > Text.  Place your cursor in the text box and add your text.

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Stylize & Customize

Choose your fonts, alignment, size, colors, and more.  Select how your text transitions into and out of your video.

Enhance your videos by adding text

Our free video editor and text tool help you create captivating content to enhance any project.

Create video titles

Create video titles with text overlays to capture attention and provide context to video content.

Clarify content

Utilize text overlays to help explain crucial information within your video, or provide context during transitions between sections.

Add animations

Ramp up your video’s appeal with special effects for text. Use transitions to animate your text overlays, and create a creative, engaging story.

Match your video with stylized fonts and colors.

Make sure your video text conveys the right tone and style. Adjust text style, including color, size, font, bold, italics, underline, strikeout, and highlight to help capture attention. Set the background color, shape, and shadow behind for visual appeal or to match brand guidelines. Save time and reuse style settings for text overlays.

customize video text

Capture attention with text animations.

Ramp up your video’s appeal with special effects for text. Choose from a wide variety of transition options to animate your text overlays and create a creative, engaging story.

animate text for videos

Save and share videos

Ready to share your creation? Upload your video to ScreenPal for free and get a shareable link or embed code. Add videos and images to curated content channels.
save and share videos

Enhance your videos with text overlays

Our free video editor is simple to use and provides all you need to easily create high-quality, engaging videos. Free features include:

Add Text To Video
Add Text To Video
Add Text To Video
Add Text To Video
Add Text To Video
Add Text To Video

Upgrade for premium stock overlays, clickable text, & more!

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management. Additional features include:

Add text to video: Frequently asked questions

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