Animated text generator

Capture your viewer’s attention with personalized animated text for your videos! Select from a diverse range of text animation effects: blur, bounce, fade, flip, fly, scale, and more. Then modify duration, direction, and delivery with our animated text generator. 

Capture attention Capture attention
Showcase creativity Showcase creativity
Enhance visual appeal Enhance visual appeal
Emphasize text Emphasize text

Take your videos to the next level by adding animated text

Quick overlay animated text

ScreenPal makes it easy to enhance your videos with captivating text animations. Just input your text and choose the animation type, duration, direction, and delivery. Within a matter of seconds, your text transforms into a dynamic visual experience. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless process, requiring no prior video editing expertise!

animated text generator

Easily customize your text

ScreenPal not only lets you add text animations but also offers full customization for your text style. Easily choose font, color, size, alignment, and more. Want to add some contrast from the video? Improve accessibility and visual appeal by adding an adjustable background with options for color, shape, and shadow. 

customize text animations

How to use the animated text generator

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Import your video into the video editor.

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Add text

Add and customize video text with the text overlay feature, then animate it with transitions.

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Export your video to save to your computer or upload it to ScreenPal’s hosting account, then share it with others.

Enhance your videos with animated text

Incorporate text animations into your videos to convey your message more clearly, expand your creativity, and more!

Clarify your message

Ensure your message stands out in your videos by incorporating animated text into titles, call-outs, descriptions, and more. Animated text helps grab viewers’ attention and prevent your message from getting lost within a video.

Improve engagement

Maintaining viewer engagement in a lengthy video can be challenging. An effective solution is to add text animations. Makes your video more fun and interesting, ensuring your audience stays engaged throughout the full video.

Add personality

Display your creativity, add more visuals, and put a personal spin on your video by incorporating text animations. Add your unique style and set a tone for your audience. Create a video that is both enjoyable and distinctly you.

Make videos more exciting with text animations

There are endless options for incorporating animated text into videos! Whether you are making marketing content, informative videos, video memes, GIFs, or other recordings, text animations can visually narrate a story and make your video much more engaging for your audience.
add text to animated gif

Enhance further with our advanced video editing features

Want to make your video look professional but don’t have prior video editing experience? No worries! Dive into ScreenPal’s user-friendly video editor with essential features like music, cropping, resizing, trimming, zooming, adjusting speed, and more. It is an easy way to make your video stand out!
advanced video editing

Easily animate text & more – for free!

Unlock limitless possibilities with ScreenPal’s free video editor. Effortlessly turn any ordinary video into a professional-looking masterpiece.

Animated Text Generator
Animated Text Generator
Animated Text Generator
Animated Text Generator
Animated Text Generator
Animated Text Generator

Upgrade for our full video editing features

Elevate your videos and simplify your workflow with our user-friendly advanced video features.

Animated text generator: Frequently asked questions

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