Add text to photos

Add text to photos in seconds for free! Easily add words on your images to engage your audience, explain ideas, and tell a story. Set the tone with customizable fonts and styles to build the perfect image.

Add text fast Add text fast
Explore fonts and styles Explore fonts and styles
Reuse styles Reuse styles
Easy sharing Easy sharing

Add text to photos, images & pictures with ScreenPal

Layer eye-catching text on your images

Whether it’s for social sharing, web graphics, marketing emails, memes, or any other purpose, our free image annotation tool allows you to add text, shapes, drawings, and more to your pictures with ease. 

add text to photo

Stylize with fonts and colors.

Effortlessly extend your brand, or create eye-catching images with hand picked fonts and styles. Change the transparency, alignment, color and more. Love your new styles? Reuse style settings for your text overlays and keep the creativity going.

add text to picture

How to add text to a picture

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Import Images

Take a screenshot or import your image into the project manager.

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Type Your Text

On the right side of the editor, click to add “Text.” 

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Stylize & Customize

Choose your fonts, alignment, size and colors.

Enhance your images by adding text

Our free image editor and text tool help you create captivating content to enhance any project.

Social media

Enhance your social media posts with stylized text on your images to attract attention! Create engaging images to use across multiple platforms.

Web graphics

Effortlessly elevate your promotional visuals by swiftly incorporating and personalizing text. Convert files to high-quality PNG images for optimal viewing.


Add text to your images to turn them into engaging memes and amuse your audience.

Marketing images

Add text and annotate images to convey your message in presentations, banners, promos and more!

Design files

Incorporate text and annotations that will help your team understand plans and guide them through your design.


Include text and annotations to provide clear and comprehensive context to screenshots and images.

Customize photos even further with our image editor 

Easily input your text and have it automatically adjusted to fit your content with the “auto-fit” feature. Rotate, adjust the transparency, layer and more! Fine-tune text font, color, size, and alignment for beautiful results. Add shapes, arrows, highlights, numbered steps, and more.
add text to image

Save and share images

Ready to share? Upload your image to ScreenPal for free and get a shareable link. Add images to channels to curate your content. Save images to your device for sharing on your favorite platforms, or copy the image and paste directly in email or messaging apps.
free image hosting

Free Screenshots & Image Editing

Instantly capture your screen and edit images for easy communication. Free features include:

Add text & annotations Add text & annotations
Highlight important information Highlight important information
Add shapes (circles, squares, & more) Add shapes (circles, squares, & more)
Add numbered steps Add numbered steps
Draw using freehand Draw using freehand
Crop & resize image Crop & resize image
Add Text to Photo
Add Text to Photo
Add Text to Photo
Add Text to Photo
Add Text to Photo
Add Text to Photo

Upgrade for advanced screenshots and image editing

Our full screenshot and image editor empowers you to capture and share ideas

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Add text to photo: Frequently asked questions

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