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Effortlessly turn images into high-quality PNG files in seconds with ScreenPal’s free PNG Converter. Convert to PNG to create stunning images and easily share your content across different platforms.

Available on Mac and Windows.

Free forever Free forever
Convert & edit images Convert & edit images
Quick & simple to use Quick & simple to use
Convert unlimited images Convert unlimited images

Convert Image to PNG in just a few clicks

Convert to PNGs in seconds

Easily take an image and convert to PNG with ScreenPal’s PNG converter – no prior image editing experience needed. Just simply take a screenshot or upload an image, then click to save it to your computer as a PNG. It’s that quick and simple!
png converter

Easily turn any image into a PNG

Transform any image file types to PNG with ScreenPal’s PNG converter – including PDF, JPG, JPEG, WebP, SVG, HEIC, ICO, EPS, AI, AVIF, JFIF, and more. Just take a screenshot of any existing image, no matter the format, then use our intuitive image editor to make edits and save the  image as a PNG. 
convert to PNG

How to use the PNG converter

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Open image

Import your image file into our image editor using the project manager or take a screenshot of the image you want to convert. 

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Convert to PNG

Upload the image to our free hosting platform or export it to your computer to save as a PNG file. Customize your image with our free image editing tools. 

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Share file

Share your PNG image with others through email, social media, websites, or anywhere you would like.

What can you do with ScreenPal’s PNG converter?

create beautiful png images

Create beautiful graphics

Customize and enhance your image with resizing, crop, annotations, and more before you convert to PNG.

make high-quality PNG images

Generate high-quality images

Ensure your image is sharp and clear. PNG files are known for their amazing image quality. 

PNG lossless compression

Lossless compression

Unlike other image formats, PNGs retain their original image quality even after compression.

convey your PNG message

Convey your message visually

Use the Image Editor to help communicate your message with highlighting, shapes, text, blur, numbers, & more!

Enhance your PNG with free image editing effects

Before you convert to PNG, you can also customize and enhance your image by using ScreenPal’s free image editing features to better convey your message. Bring your ideas to life and create impactful PNG images with our PNG converter. 
edit images and convert to PNG

Free PNG image hosting

Utilize ScreenPal’s free content hosting to store all your PNG images in one location and free storage space on your device. Access your PNG images from anywhere with device. Easily share a link, post to social media, protect your content with privacy settings, and organize your images into folders.
free PNG image hosting

Easily import & manage images for free

In addition to the convenient screenshot tool, ScreenPal lets you easily upload image files to the Project Manager. Just click on import, and select an image from your device for quick image editing. Streamline your workflow by managing all of your PNG image projects in a single location.
import images to edit

Convert & edit PNG images for free

Take any image, no matter its format, to convert to PNG. Import an image file to convert to PNG or take a screenshot of a PDF, JPG, JPEG, SVG, and more! Then, get started enhancing your image by using our wide-range of free image editing features. 

Add text & annotations Add text & annotations
Add numbered steps Add numbered steps
Add shapes (circles, squares, & more) Add shapes (circles, squares, & more)
Highlight important information Highlight important information
Draw using freehand Draw using freehand
Crop & resize image Crop & resize image
PNG Converter
PNG Converter
PNG Converter
PNG Converter
PNG Converter
PNG Converter

Upgrade for advanced screenshots & image editing features

Take your PNGs to the next level with ScreenPal’s paid plan to improve efficiency and create expert-level images.

Convert image to text

Use the OCR recognize text feature to convert text on images to editable text. This unique AI feature automatically detects font type and size to blend your text edits seamlessly. With ScreenPal’s paid plan, you can use this powerful tool to customize your PNG further and more efficiently. 
convert PNG image to text

PNG converter: Frequently asked questions

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