Image cropper

Quickly crop images, photos, and pictures with our free image cropper. Crop an image for better balance and design, or to optimize your content for different sharing platforms.

Available on Mac & Windows.

Free forever Free forever
Easy image editing Easy image editing
Crop for better composition Crop for better composition
Quickly save and share Quickly save and share

Transform images to the perfect size and shape

Crop any image in seconds 

Easily crop images, photos, and pictures to any size or aspect ratio. Simply capture a screenshot with the snipping tool or import an image to use the crop image feature. The image cropper makes it easy to remove browser address bars captured in a screenshot, unnecessary information, or extra space in a photograph. 

Crop image

Resize images and optimize them for sharing

Have the perfect image, but it doesn’t fit the size or ratio of your project? ScreenPal’s free image cropper is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to crop your images to any size or aspect ratio. Or you can use the resize feature to easily adjust the size of an image while keeping the same aspect ratio.
resize images

How to use the image cropper

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Import your image

Import your image into our image editor using the project manager or take a screenshot of the image you want to crop. 

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Crop image

Crop the image to your preferred size using the image editor and customize it with our other free editing tools. 

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Save & share

Export the image to your computer or upload it to ScreenPal’s free image hosting platform to share with others.

What can you do with ScreenPal’s image cropper?

create beautiful png images

Improve composition

Crop out text, clutter, excess spacing, and more to reposition image elements and focus on key content.

make high-quality PNG images

Adjust image size

Change the size of your image by cropping image content to reduce the height or width of the image.

PNG lossless compression

Change aspect ratio

Crop the image to meet specific aspect ratios for social media, website, or other content layouts.

convey your PNG message

Remove content

Easily remove unwanted content from the edges of your image to reduce distractions or simplify your visuals.

Annotate and personalize images

Make your images stand out with annotation tools when you crop an image as well. Personalize like a pro with highlights, shapes, and freehand drawings. Modify and edit your images for emphasis.

edit cropped images

Host and share images

Copy your image and paste it into your favorite email or chat app for easy sharing after you finish cropping. Save your images to your device, or use our content hosting platform to manage them all in one location. Share images with a custom link, or embed them on other websites and blogs. 

host your cropped images

Crop & edit images for free

You can do more than just crop images with ScreenPal! Take advantage of a wide range of other image editing features in our image editor, in addition to our image cropper tool. 

Add text & annotations Add text & annotations
Highlight important information Highlight important information
Add shapes (circles, squares, & more) Add shapes (circles, squares, & more)
Add numbered steps Add numbered steps
Draw using freehand Draw using freehand
Crop & resize image Crop & resize image
Crop Image
Crop Image
Crop Image
Crop Image
Crop Image
Crop Image

Upgrade for advanced image editing features

Take your image to the next level with ScreenPal’s paid plan to improve efficiency and customize your images even further.

Image cropper: Frequently asked questions

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