Image resizer

Change image height and width dimensions to the perfect size with our free image resizer. Set the right image size with the best quality for sharing images over social networks, marketing material, websites, videos, and more.   

Free, no credit card required Free, no credit card required
Change image height & width Change image height & width
Image, photo, picture resizer Image, photo, picture resizer
Resize unlimited images Resize unlimited images

Resize images in seconds

Click and drag to quicky resize your image 

Use our image resizer in our free image editor to quickly change the size of your image. Click the crop/resize tool then drag the image handles to reduce image size. Use the crop tool to remove content and shrink image size.  

resize image

Set image dimensions for the perfect size

For many social media sites, you need an exact set of dimensions for your image to appear correctly for your audience. Use the image resizer to specify and exact image width and height before sharing.
image resizer

How to resize an image

slack 1

Open image

Import your image file or use the screenshot tool to capture your image to resize in the image editor.

slack 2


Use the “crop and resize” tool and then drag the image corners or specify exact size.

slack 3

Share file

Share your resized image via email, social networks, or upload to our free hosting services to share a link.

Use the image resizer for any project

Social media

Resize images to exact specification to share on social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Video projects

Integrate an image into your video project inline or as an overlay with the perfect size to effectively communicate your story.


Change image size to fit the perfect dimensions for your website, blog articles, landing pages, banners, and more.

Annotate for free as you resize images

Annotate your image in the image editor for more context in addition to resizing. Easily add arrows, shapes, numbered steps, text, highlights, and more to clarify your message and fit with the new image size.

annotate resized image

Host resized images for free

Easily upload your images to ScreenPal for free after you finish resizing them to host and share your content with others. Manage unlimited images in your hosting account and create as many size variations of an image as you would like.

resize and host unlimited images

Free Screenshots & Image Editing

Instantly capture your screen for easy communication. Free features include:

Add text & annotations Add text & annotations
Highlight important information Highlight important information
Add shapes (circles, squares, & more) Add shapes (circles, squares, & more)
Add numbered steps Add numbered steps
Draw using freehand Draw using freehand
Crop & resize image Crop & resize image
Image Resizer
Image Resizer
Image Resizer
Image Resizer
Image Resizer
Image Resizer

Upgrade for advanced screenshots and image editing

Our full screenshot and image editor empowers you to capture and share ideas

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Image resizer: Frequently asked questions

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