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Transform any screenshot or image into an infographic with ScreenPal’s infographic maker! Seamlessly combine text, graphics, and data to convey your message. 

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Clearly communicate information with infographics

Quick & easy infographic maker

Forget the days of using complicated, expensive image editing software to create infographics! ScreenPal’s free infographic maker simplifies the process for you. Just take a screenshot or import a photo, then use our user-friendly image editor to effortlessly craft your eye-catching infographic. Easy, quick, and effective!

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Create stunning infographics for any occasion

Unlock limitless possibilities for infographics with ScreenPal to enhance blog content, marketing materialssales presentationsresearch data, product information, and more. Enhance data with shapes, highlights, steps, text, arrows, or other annotations. Plus, with a paid plan you can easily blur out sensitive information that may be displayed on your infographic. 

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How to use the infographic maker

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Capture a screenshot of your data or import an image into the project manager. Next, open the infographic maker to customize.

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Customize Infographic

Easily customize your infographic by using ScreenPal’s free image editor tools, including shapes, lines, text, additional images, and more.

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Export your infographic image to save to your computer or upload to ScreenPal’s hosting account, then share with others.

Create infographics for any occasion in seconds

Craft easy-to-understand, visually appealing infographics for marketing, sales, research, and much more.

Marketing infographics

Quickly create impactful marketing infographics with ScreenPal’s image editing features. Craft memorable product showcases, compelling statistics, comparisons, or eye-catching promotional campaigns with ease.

Sales infographics

Empower your sales teams with rapid and effective communication through infographics. Create infographics such as product features, comparisons, ROI breakdowns, pricing structures, and more for impactful presentations.

Research infographics

Design infographics to enhance data comprehension. Utilize the image editor to produce visuals for survey and poll results, timelines, demographics, and comparative analyses, making information more accessible.

Host & share infographics online

Showcase your engaging infographics on ScreenPal’s free hosting platform. Whether through a direct link or a custom link, anyone can easily access your visuals anytime, anywhere. Plus, share them on social media with just a click of a button!
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Add stock images to infographics

Looking to make an infographic with stunning images to capture attention and engage your audience? ScreenPal offers a large royalty-free stock library with millions of photos and images, available with a paid plan. Elevate infographics without the licensing hassle!
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Get started with our infographic maker for free

ScreenPal is an easy choice for crafting infographics. It is user-friendly and comes packed with features to enhance your designs, like:

Infographic Maker
Infographic Maker
Infographic Maker
Infographic Maker
Infographic Maker
Infographic Maker

Upgrade for our full image editing suite

Take your infographics a step further by using our selection of premium features, such as text recognition and blurring sensitive information.

Infographic maker: Frequently asked questions

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