Green screen video editor

Bring your ideas to life with our free green screen editor.  Replace your background with images or videos. Create special effects with the chroma key tool to transform your videos!


Green screen editor for anyone Green screen editor for anyone
Choose background color Choose background color
Edit background in the video editor Edit background in the video editor
Use while recording webcam Use while recording webcam

Use Green Screen to create amazing videos

Unlock the Power of Imagination with Green Screen Technology

With a green screen editing app, you can transform your videos and photos into professional, captivating visual masterpieces. By utilizing this technology, you can remove distractions and clutter while having the freedom to transport your audience to any location or setting, unleashing endless creative possibilities.
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Unlock your creativity with backgrounds!

Add an office to your webcam, or take it a step further with motion backgrounds. Get creative with travels from around the world or showcase class topics like space and weather maps with green screen video editing
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Green screen, made easy

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 Record your webcam in front of a flat background color. (We recommend using a green or blue screen.) 

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Select the color you would like to remove and adjust the settings.

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Superimpose backgrounds and play around with layering for a professional-quality green screen video.

Webcam recording with green screen!

Easily setup your webcam for green screen recording.   Use a solid color background and the chroma key feature will edit the background and replace with an image of your choice.. 
Tip: use a flat sheet or paper roll to create your own DIY green screen from home.
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Video editing with green screen!

Use our green screen video editor to remove the background from any video.   Edit a screen or webcam recording or import any video with a solid background color (green works best) to achieve a clean, professional look in just a few steps!
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Free screen & webcam recording

Our free screen recorder gives you everything you need to start creating your own stunning, engaging screen and webcam videos. Free features include:

Green Screen for Video
Green Screen for Video
Green Screen for Video
Green Screen for Video
Green Screen for Video
Green Screen for Video

Upgrade for all you need in a screen recorder and more

Our full video creation suite offers advanced screen and webcam recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management.

Green Screen: Frequently asked questions

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