YouTube video editor

Create YouTube videos that enthrall your audience and drive engagement with our user-friendly video editor designed for all content creators. Effortlessly edit your videos, add text, music, and captivating animations, and seamlessly upload them directly to YouTube—for free!

Add  music and sound effects Add  music and sound effects
Level up with text animations Level up with text animations
No experience required No experience required
Create YouTube shorts Create YouTube shorts

Easily create stunning YouTube videos in no time

Grow and engage your YouTube audience with captivating videos

Effortlessly create stunning videos with our user-friendly editor designed for creators of all levels. With ScreenPal, anyone can dive right in and start making compelling content. Utilize our free and easy tools to create engaging videos that captivate and expand your audience.

Easy and free YouTube video editor

Customize your video to drive engagement

Enhance engagement and comprehension by incorporating music, sound effects, text, and animations. Our free video editor for YouTube is equipped with all the features you need to create stunning YouTube videos that will delight your viewers!

easily edit videos for YouTube

How to edit a YouTube video

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Add your video

Record your screen or webcam or import your video into the project manager

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Edit YouTube video

Easily trim, crop and resize your video. Add music, text, and animations to your video.

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Publish to YouTube

Upload your video directly to YouTube with title,  description, tags and captions!

Unleash your creativity with the ultimate YouTube video editor 

No matter the genre or style, our video editor is your gateway to creating exceptional YouTube content that stands out from the crowd.

Product videos

Create an explainer video or announce new features highlighting your product’s best attributes.

Event videos

Combine the impact of event marketing with the power of YouTube videos to share upcoming events with your audience.

Music videos

Harness the power of the perfect soundtrack to evoke deep connections and evoke powerful emotions in your viewers.


Record authentic videos and polish in the editor to educate and engage your YouTube subscribers.

Brand story videos

Share your company story and client successes with an engaging video promo designed to create lasting brand recognition.


Create valuable reviews of products and services that will benefit your audience.

Captivate your YouTube audience with overlays, animations and effects

Elevate your YouTube videos with a full suite of essential features. Add captivating music and dynamic sound effects, animate text to craft stunning intros and outros, overlay images and videos, experiment with virtual backgrounds, and explore numerous other tools. With our comprehensive array of features that anyone can master, you have everything at your disposal to make your YouTube videos truly shine. 
robust YouTube video editing features

Create a YouTube video anywhere with our free mobile app

Download our free Android and iOS app to record and edit YouTube videos on the go for flexible, easy video creation. Quickly record, edit, publish to YouTube, and share or import the video into the desktop video editor and merge clips or overlay your video before publishing to YouTube.

YouTube video editor for iPhone and Android

Create YouTube videos for free

ScreenPal is your all-in-one video creation solution for capturing, editing, and sharing epic-looking YouTube videos for free. Create video promos, music videos, slideshows, training videos, and more on any device with the free screen recorder and video editor.

Supercharge your video production process and streamline your workflow with Stories.

Effortlessly create captivating videos by utilizing storyboards and scripts for efficient planning and development. Save valuable time and enhance productivity by maximizing the reuse of your videos, all while fostering seamless collaboration with your colleagues. With Stories, you gain access to a user-friendly drag-and-drop storyboard app, empowering you to effortlessly incorporate various media types – images, sound, and clips – into your videos. Experience the ease and efficiency of Stories as you transform your vision into reality.

video storyboards

Transform your video with stock media

Unlock the true potential of your videos through the remarkable power of stock media. With ScreenPal, you gain access to an expansive library featuring over 15 million royalty-free assets. Explore this vast collection to find the ideal music track, sound effect, image, or video that aligns seamlessly with your desired mood and style. Your YouTube videos will transcend expectations and captivate viewers with epic and engaging content, all thanks to the transformative capabilities of stock media. 
royalty-free stock assets for YouTube videos

Upgrade and uplevel your YouTube videos

Captivate your audience and stand out on YouTube with a ScreenPal subscription. Use AI features like speech-to-text and image-to-text, storyboards, text motion tiles, stock images, and more! Captivate your audience and stand out on YouTube
Paid features include:

YouTube video editor: Frequently asked questions

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