Screen capture

Quickly capture your screen as an image or video with ScreenPal. Clarify your message, work more efficiently, and share your ideas and knowledge with our free screen capture tools.

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Capture images & recordings Capture images & recordings
Customize your screen capture Customize your screen capture
Unlimited screen captures Unlimited screen captures

Screen capture video & images for free

Capture screenshots

Take the perfect screenshot for clear, effective communication. Crop or add annotations to your screenshot using our image editor. Highlight the area you want to focus on, or even add text for more context.

screen capture images

Screen capture video recordings

Capture a recording of your screen to create a video that you can share with others. Screen recordings can be especially beneficial for how-to, training, product demo, and other types of educational videos to easily convey your message.

screen capture video

How to take a screen capture

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Launch the screenshots tool to capture an image or screen recorder tool to capture a video recording of your screen.

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Select the area of your screen that you would like to capture, then take your screenshot or screen recording. Customize with annotations, crop & resize, add text, and more.

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Save & share

Save your screen capture to your computer or upload to ScreenPal’s free content hosting platform to share with others.

Easy screen capture tools for everyone

Convey your message more clearly with a screen capture and help enhance your content creation!


Business professionals can use ScreenPal’s screen capture tools to create informative content to train employees, showcase new projects, provide followers with product offers, and more.


Educators can use screen captures to create engaging and interactive learning content. Teachers can easily create thought-provoking video presentations by recording their screen with ScreenPal.


Use screen captures to share memories, hobbies, interests, and more. Capture how-to videos, vacations, best moments of video gameplay, and more to share online or with family and friends.

Clarify your screen captures with annotations

Enhance your screen captures with free annotation tools included in ScreenPal’s image editor and video editor, such as highlights, text, shapes, arrows, and more to expand your creativity and help clarify your message.

annotate screen captures

Free screen capture content hosting

Host unlimited screen captures for free on ScreenPal’s free content hosting platform to easily manage, organize, and share your images and videos with others. Customize your privacy settings, share video links, embed your content and more.
host screen capture videos and images

Free Screen Capture Tools

Our free screen capture tools give you everything you need to start creating your own stunning, engaging screenshots and screen recordings. Free features include:

Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Screen Capture

Upgrade for advanced screen capture features

Our full video creation suite offers scrolling screenshots, OCR text recognition, advanced screen recording, seamless video editing, unlimited hosting & robust content management.

Screen capture: Frequently asked questions

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