Private video hosting

Protect your content and share your videos confidently with ScreenPal’s free secure video hosting platform. Share unlisted or password-protected videos, control access with publishing and expiration dates, and manage all of your video content in one secure, robust platform.

Secure video hosting Secure video hosting
Robust privacy settings Robust privacy settings
Easy internal collaboration Easy internal collaboration
Accessible video player Accessible video player

Protect your videos and share your way

Securely manage and share video content

Upload your content securely to ScreenPal’s ad-free hosting platform. Host unlimited videos with our robust, accessible video player. Share your videos confidently and efficiently with ScreenPal’s tailored settings. Set videos to unlisted or add password protection for greater security. Enjoy high-quality, ad-free video viewing every time.

secure video hosting

Host unlimited videos

Elevate your media sharing experience with ScreenPal’s free video hosting and sharing platform. Upload and share unlimited videos effortlessly and securely. Embed your videos anywhere or share private videos with custom video links. Easily organize videos into folders and showcase with video channels. Experience the best of secure video hosting with ScreenPal.

secure video hosting

Record and edit videos for free

Create engaging, authentic videos with ScreenPal’s free screen recorder. Record your screen, webcam, or both. Remove, blur, or replace your webcam background with a virtual background to personalize your content. Enhance your recording in the free video editor, set the right tone with royalty-free background music, and then upload your video to ScreenPal to host securely.
record your screen and webcam for free

How to host private videos with ScreenPal

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Upload your video to your free, secure ScreenPal hosting account from any device, or directly from the screen recorder or video editor.

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Manage your visibility to secure videos. Set videos to unlisted to share private video links and embed securely, or add password protection for extra security.

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Share your video link securely with only those you choose. Embed your video or channel anywhere, including your website, blog, or learning management system.

Perfect for protecting videos

ScreenPal’s video hosting platform simplifies the process of sharing video files securely for everyone.

Business videos

Communicate with your customers and your team with ScreenPal’s secure video hosting platform. Safeguard your business’s videos from unauthorized access, manage brand assets, and enhance customer trust with secure video hosting and sharing features.

Educational videos

Deliver high-quality instructional content securely, manage and share video lessons within your organization, and foster interactive learning in a student-safe environment. Capture and share personalized feedback with students privately. Ensure educators and students can easily share content privately and securely.

Personal videos

Capture and share personal memories with private video hosting. Safeguard your personal videos from unwanted viewers, manage your media collections effortlessly, and share memories privately with loved ones, all on ScreenPal’s secure, reliable platform.

Control how you share videos

Share your videos using custom links, or embed videos on any platform with easy, responsive embed code. Showcase your content with video channels and easily collaborate with your team. Speed up internal review cycles with linked, time-stamped video notes, and gather private feedback with video and text comments. Customize your video sharing to suit your needs.
share videos

Customize the video viewing experience

Elevate your audience’s viewing experience. Customize your video player to control how your viewers can engage with your content. Brand your videos, channels, and video player to maintain a seamless experience. Gain actionable insights with advanced video analytics to optimize your content.
custom video player

Improve engagement with AI-powered features

Streamline your workflow and make your videos more accessible with AI-generated video titles, summaries, and transcripts. Help your viewers easily navigate your content with time-stamped links and video chapters.
video analytics

Everything you need in a secure video hosting platform for free

Enjoy unlimited video hosting and sharing capabilities. Utilize robust privacy settings to secure videos. Experience seamless, secure media management, all for free.

Private video hosting
Private video hosting
Private video hosting
Private video hosting
Private video hosting
Private video hosting

Upgrade for premium video hosting

Customize and brand your secure videos with premium video hosting features. Add call-to-action buttons and interactive quizzes and polls while maintaining privacy and security.

Private video hosting: Frequently asked questions

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