Google Classroom integration for ScreenPal

Create and share classwork with your students using Google Classroom. Integrate video into your courses, communicate with your class and create an interactive learning experience.

How to set up ScreenPal with Google Classroom:

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Sign up

 Use your Google Account to sign up for free with Screenpal. Students don’t need an account to use the tools.

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Create a screen recording. Learn more on how to integrate with Google
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Publish video to your Classroom folder on Google Drive and use Quick Share button to share to Classroom. 

Create content using ScreenPal that connects with Google Classroom

Easily create your own video content with our intuitive screen recorder. Launch from the Google Chrome extension! Record your screen, webcam, or both for the perfect recording. 
Add royalty-free music and captions. Have students create videos using the Chromebook Screen Recorder app. 
create content with google classroom and screenpal

Publish your video

Upload directly to your Google Classroom folder on Google Drive. Publish to YouTube. Publish to ScreenPal.
easily share your video

Quick share to Google Classroom

Share videos directly from ScreenPal. 
Use the convenient quick share button to  “Share to Classroom.” Share to Classroom button also available with your video when hosted on ScreenPal.
quickly share to google classroom

Start creating today!

Easy integration for your workflow

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