Easily capture and record casual gaming videos

Create gameplay videos and easily share them with the gaming community.

Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Keep the action alive with video

Turn casual gameplay into shareable videos.

Capture gameplay on multiple devices

Whether you are playing Minecraft, Sonic, Roblox, or Fortnite, you can easily capture all the action on multiple devices.  Showcase your multiplayer video game competitions including live game streams (eSports). Capture your games wherever you go with ScreenPal!

record gameplay on multiple devices

Stock music to excite your audience

Excite your fans and followers with music tracks! Whether you’re creating a review, game cheats, walkthrough, or recording all the action, we have the music for you. Easily add stock music tracks, without the confusing license agreements!

Unlimited music for Deluxe, Premier, & Max users.


stock library

Personalize your gaming videos

Mix and match video content from multiple devices, add background music, use rich text, and more! Our video editor lets you personalize your stories into shareable gaming videos.

personalize your gaming videos

Easily share with fans and followers

With a few easy clicks, you can share your videos on popular social sites including Facebook or Twitter. You can share them directly to a YouTube channel or upload them to ScreenPal. You have a ton of options!

easily share gaming videos

Turn gameplay into videos

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