Showcase hobbies and DIY projects

Videos are a great way to share your hobbies and showcase DIY projects. Show family and friends what you’re passionate about!

Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Keep your passion alive with video

Your movies are waiting to be shared.

Capture and record from anywhere

You have something you are passionate about, so why not share it? Showcase your latest DIY projects.

capture & record video anywhere

A photo and video library to help tell your story

Get inspired with our built-in stock library and enhance your video stories. Stock videos, photos, and music tracks are available at your fingertips, without confusing license agreements!

Included in our Premier & Max Plans. 


stock library

Personalize your videos

Mix and match video content from multiple devices, add entertaining music, use rich text, and more! With our video editor, you can personalize your stories into beautiful video creations.

Add text and animations with the integrated video editor

Easily share your hobbies or DIY projects

With a few easy clicks, you can share your movies on popular social sites including Facebook or Twitter. You can share them directly to a YouTube channel or upload them to ScreenPal. You have a ton of options!

easily share hobbies and projects

Turn your passion into movies

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