Release Date

Updates to our video hosting platform to make things run smoothly!

What’s new:

  • You can now launch the iPhone/iPad App from the website!
  • You can now launch the Android App from the website!
  • Changed the default colors for better contrast.

What’s improved:

  • We will provide an email to an additional contact when a team plan is renewing.
  • Added sticky headers for our tables, to make sorting and managing content easier.
  • Showing the password field on a watch page for the owner of the content (so you can see what your audience sees)!

What’s fixed:

  • A bug that affected some users trying to update their channel details.
  • We increased visibility to the password field for users trying to password-protect their channels.
  • Fix handling of large captions files and long videos
  • A fix for the “Copy Link” URL on Video/Image Detail Screens.
  • Squashed a bug that affected sorting videos and images on visibility.
  • A bug that allowed some users to navigate away from a page without saving their changes.
  • Constrain proportions of profile picture
  • Some small improvements to make things look better!

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