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📅 Schedule a publish or expiration date for your hosted videos and images!

We’ve made some fresh new updates to content hosting!  Not ready for your audience to see your image or video? You can now schedule a publish date! You can also schedule an expiration date for your content. Also, it’s now easier to manage your hosted videos on mobile.

What’s new:

  • Schedule a publish date for your videos and images.
  • Set an expiration date for your videos and images. You can also choose to move your content to the trash when it expires to permanently delete.
  • Add your preferred timezone.  We’ll default to your browser timezone. If you would like to change it, head to your settings.
  • You can now upload a profile picture. This is super helpful for team members who are tired of translating the initial bubbles.

What’s improved:

  • A better mobile experience for users managing their hosted content on the go.
  • The content sidebar behaves better! We’ve improved the way that the sidebar scrolls and sections expand/collapse.
  • We’ve improved some of our error messaging and added indicators for uploading content (like custom thumbnails).

What’s fixed:

  • Pasting your ScreenPal links into Facebook Messenger will give you a preview image of the content.
  • Trial users can now launch the video editor trial from our hosting interface. We’ve included better visibility into status in the trial, too.
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