Release Date

Exciting News

💡 Interactive Quizzing, Video Analytics, Premium Shutterstock Content!

We have a lot of big new product updates!

What’s new:

  • Quizzing! You can now engage every learner with interactive questions and polls! Add multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, poll, and rating questions. View a summary of all answers, or dive into individual responses. Perfect for student assessments, team engagement, training, and gathering feedback. Learn about interactive quizzing
  • Analytics. Understand your audience and their behavior better with video analytics. Dive deeper into content trends, engagement metrics, heatmaps, and audience insights. Learn more about video analytics
  • We’ve partnered with Shutterstock to bring you premium images and videos. Explore the stock library

What’s improved:

  • We’ve improved the pages you access to modify your plan.

What’s fixed:

  • A bug that affected users that replaced videos in hosting.
  • Some small clean-up tasks to make everything look a bit better.

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