Release Date

We’ve rolled out some updates to our video and image hosting platform.

What’s new:

  • You can now launch the screenshot tool, screen recorder, and video editor from our marketing website when you are logged in.
  • You can now add bandwidth to your Team Plan Quotes.

What’s improved:

  • Collapsible sidebar, so you have more screen space.
  • Scrollable sidebar, making it easier to manage content (and navigate on mobile)!
  • Improvements to Video Hosting Settings.
  • Improved user experience for Team users who are using SAML.
  • Removed Google ads from the channel and video view pages.
  • Sharing ScreenPal video links in Facebook Messenger now pulls in your video thumbnail image.
  • Smoother transitions from content pages to Settings.
  • We’ve added the question, “How do you use video?” when you sign up for a new account. This will help us provide you with tips, tricks and content that is relevant. 
  • Responsive embeds now handle better when they are inserted in pages that don’t have an HTML width defined.
  • Improved messaging when you try to access a video or image that the content owner has deleted or unpublished.
  • More communication to content owners who are viewing a video or image that is unpublished.

What’s fixed:

  • We’ve fixed some bugs related to our video editor trial. Users can now try, purchase, and launch without any hiccups in that process.
  • A bug that affected some users upgrading through a referral link.
  • Uploading a profile image that doesn’t meet the exact dimensions will still look great!
  • A bug that sometimes hid the password field when some users tried to password protect a video, image, or channel.
  • A bug that made it difficult to edit some of the notes associated with a video.


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